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Welcome August 2021 New Members

  • Published on Sep 29, 2021
  • by Jennifer Davis

Welcome to these members who joined TXCPA and TXCPA Fort Worth in August 2021.


Linda Banks, CPA
Jennifer Black, CPA
Synetra Green, CPA
Emily Howell, CPA
Aaron Longoria, CPA
Angel Maldonado, CPA
Timothy Massey, CPA
Kathleen Schutz, CPA

CPA - New Licensee

Asma Ajani, CPA
Rozmin Ajani, CPA
Natalie Centeno, CPA
Amanda Dondiego, CPA
Mary Hellerman, CPA
Austin Jones, CPA
David Kiema, CPA
Sana Moti, CPA
Ancy Rodrigues, CPA

Candidate Member

Stephen Rieman

Student Member

Sherry Daugherty
Alvin Malone
Nicole Whitehead