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2022-2023 Chapter Board elected

  • Published on Feb 21, 2022
  • by Amanda Talaat
2022-2023 TXCPA-SA Board

Congratulations to the incoming officers and directors of the TXCPA-San Antonio Board of Directors. At the recent Annual Chapter Meeting, the following slate was elected to serve, beginning, June 1, 2022:

2022-2023 Texas Society of CPAs - San Antonio Board of Directors
President:                  Jeremy Crow
President-elect:         Joshua Wagner
Secretary/Treasurer: Marina Polanco
Vice President:          Anette Barrera
Vice President:          Brandon Howard
Vice President:          Christina Koucouthakis
Immediate Past
    President:              Bryan Edwards

Directors (term expiring)
Director:                     Alex Dibbens (2024)
Director:                     Will Holisky (2024)
Director:                     Sylvester "Sly" Johnson (2024)
Director:                     Jordan Johnston (2023)
Director:                     Courtney Nevill (2024)
Director:                     Andrew Nicholas (2024)
Director:                     Nancy Ozuna (2024)

Directors previously elected to continuing term (term expiring)
Director:                     Jennifer Cadena (2023)
Director:                     David Higginbotham (2023)
Director:                     Gerald Muchando (2023)
Director:                     Ruth Olivares (2023)
Director:                     Mike Spaniol (2023)

2022-2023 Texas Society of CPAs Board of Directors
Nominees to TXCPA Board of Directors elected by the Chapter (term expiring)
Director:                    Bryan Edwards (2025)
Director:                    Brandon Howard (2025)
Director:                    Arturo Machado (2025)
Director:                    Gerald Muchando (2025)
Director:                    Joshua Wagner (2025)

Previously elected to continuing term as TXCPA Directors (term expiring)
Director:                   Blaise Bender (2024) 
Director:                   Charles T. "Chuck" Clark (2023)
Director:                   Mark Goldman (2023)
Director:                   Mike Meurin (2024)
Director:                   Priscilla Soto (2024)

Chapter Member automatically serving as TXCPA Director (term expiring)
Chapter President   Jeremy Crow (2023)

Chapter Member nominated by TXCPA (term expiring)
Treasurer                Melanie C. Geist (2023)