TXCPA Austin and Hertz Rental Car has partnered in offering TXCPA Austin members special discounts by enrolling in Hertz Business RewardsTM!

Hertz’s look forward to providing benefits and savings for our members’ rental needs.  All you need is the discount number each time you book a rental: CDP # 1969556

This code is provided for TXCPA Austin members to maximize your free benefits.  Keep in mind that you can use the CDP number for business AND for personal travel.

So the more everyone rents, the more rental certificates you can earn for free travel!  Remember, for every rental, both your company and travelers can earn free days.

It’s also important that you sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards (see below for directions). It’ FREE, and allows you to take advantage of services that save valuable time.  Not only can you build your own loyalty points, but you can bypass the counter during pickup and take advantage of other time saving benefits, such as Gold Choice, CarfirmationsTM and eReceipts.

Also remember, Hertz’s program has many benefits:

  • Free Rental Days.
  • Earn 1 credit for every qualified rental day.
  • Earn double credits in the first 90 days.
  • 15 rental credits earn a Free Rental Day Certificate.
  • You’re already 1/3 of the way to a free day with the bonus credits.
  • You earned just for enrolling.
  • Free rental days for the travelers’ earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points to redeem for free days for personal use.
  • Free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership available for all travelers, so they can skip the counter and go straight to the cars.
  • Save up to 20%.
  • No additional driver fees.
  • Young driver fee waived (using a PC code 144314).
  • Access to Meeting Services.
  • Direct billing options.


  • Login at
  • Enter the following:
  • Enter your Company name
  • CDP #1969556
  • Pin Code: hbrgold
  • Click on join button to complete enrollment form with renter’s information.  Your Gold Plus Rewards number will be given to you immediately upon completion.

Go to or call 1-800-654-3131 for reservations. For more information and our latest special offers, please visit