TXCPA Brazos Valley, a chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, was formed in 1975. The Chapter serves members in Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, and Washington counties.

Bylaws - TXCPA Brazos Valley


The Brazos Valley Chapter of Certified Public Accountants became the 19th chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants on March 5, 1975, the first new chapter to be chartered since 1959.  On this date the organizational meeting was held at the Briarcrest Country Club for the purpose of forming a local chapter. 

Among those present were Larry Pickens, TXCPA President; Bill Quimby, TXCPA Executive Director; and John Kamp, Houston Chapter President.  On the recommendation of a nominating committee, the following officers were elected unanimously:

  • President: James Ingram, III
  • President-Elect: Phil Ljungdahl
  • Vice-President: Ed Slovacek
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Clark Diebel
  • Director: Jim Wright

Prior to 1975, the Brazos Valley area was part of the Houston Chapter.  Distance and the fact that CPE was not mandatory at that time were factors that affected attendance of Houston Chapter meetings.  In 1975 only a small number of public accounting firms, mostly sole practitioners, existed in the area.  There was minimal participation in the Houston Chapter by members from the Brazos Valley.

The formation of the Brazos Valley Chapter was the culmination of several years’ work on the part of a few people to meet TXCPA requirements for becoming a chapter and develop an interest locally.  The requirement at that time was 15 CPAs, and in 1974-75 that number had been achieved.  The Houston Chapter graciously granted permission to withdraw from that chapter.  After meeting these objectives, the TXCPA was petitioned for chapter status.  This petition was presented and unanimously approved at the TXCPA annual meeting in El Paso.  The newly formed Brazos Valley Chapter of the TXCPA consisted of Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, and Washington counties.  It is important to note that upon receiving chapter status the Brazos Valley Chapter immediately received representation on the State level and has consistently had representation since that time.

History of the area favored the granting of a charter for the Brazos Valley.  Mr. Thomas Leland, Business Department Head at Texas A&M University from 1946-1961, was one of the founders of the Texas Society of CPAs.  There was no executive director of the TXCPA when he was involved, and the home office of the state society was located in College Station for many years. 

The office was manned by professors at Texas A&M on a voluntary basis.  At the time the chapter was being formed, both A&M and the College of Business were beginning to grow considerably which gave added interest to the formation of the Brazos Valley Chapter.  Some considerations in the desire to become a chapter were:

  • To offer support structure/encouragement to those not yet certified,
  • To offer local educational programs, and
  • To allow local presentation on the state level.

Throughout the years the Brazos Valley Chapter has had many members involved on the state level as part of the Executive Committee as well as in other areas of interest.

Charter Members Of The Brazos Valley Chapter

Bill Atkinson
Lyndel Beene
M. Glen   Brewer
Don Browning
Frank Clark,   Sr.
Clark Diebel
Clarence Downing
Nelson Durst
James D. Ingram, III
Doyle Ledbetter
Phil Ljungdahl
Walter Manning
Bill Milberger
Ed Packenham
Rivers Patout
M. Bookman Peters
Larry Gene Pointer
Ed Slovacek
Tom Wallis
Bob Wood
Jim Wright

Past Chapter Presidents

James D. Ingram, III 1975-76
Larry Gene Pointer 1976-77
Donald B. Browning 1977-78
Gary O’Neal 1978-79
Clifford W. Williams 1979-80
Carlton D. Stolle 1980-81
Tom Wallis 1981-82
Judy C. Gilby 1982-83
Woody Thompson, Jr. 1983-84
Ronald G. Spies 1984-85
Ray Amos 1985-86
Judy W. Childs 1986-87
Roy L. Stutz 1987-88
J. Jared Patout 1988-89
Andrea M. Derrig 1989–11/90
Linda N. Johnson 12/90-92
David W. Elbel 1992-93
April L. Eyeington 1993-94
Mary Kaye Moore 1994-95
Dianne A. Savage 1995-96
James D. Ingram, IV 1996-97
Ronnie L. Craig 1997-98
Rick L. Webb 1998-99
John T. Reynolds 1999–00
Zina Harris 2000-01
Tracy Stewart 2001-03
Toni McBee 2003-05
Dillard Leverkuhn 2005-06
Sandy Brown 2006-08
Kay Dobbins 2008-09
Joe Dunn 2009-10
Lyn Kuciemba 2010-12
Rodney Horrell 2012-14
James Larkin 2014-16
Amy Restivo 2016-18
AJ Taylor 2018-20
Logan Kendrick 2020-22