TXCPA Permian Basin recognizes members each year who have provided outstanding service to the organization and the profession.

At the Year-End Happy Hour on May 21, TXCPA Permian Basin recognized the following members as chapter award recipients for helping shape the direction of the chapter. Congratulations to Alba Priest, Outstanding Executive Officer; Lashawn Bearden, Outstanding Director; and Derby Gallo, Outstanding Committee Chair. Thank you for your leadership.  

Congratulations to Oluwafoyinsolami (Lydia) Adewole on being named the 2024 Accounting Excellence Award winner for UTPB!  


Outstanding Executive Officer
2016-17  D'Anne McNaughton
2017-18  Chad Valentine
2018-19  J.D. Faircloth
2019-20  Derek Robinett
2020-21  Catherine Speer
2021-22  Derby Gallo
2022-23  Catherine Speer
2023-24  Alba Priest

Outstanding Director
2016-17  Rod Aguilar
2017-18  J.D. Faircloth
2017-18  Derek Robinett
2018-19  Kate Devey
2019-20  Kye King
2020-21  Kye King
2021-22  Meredith McKeehan
2022-23  Kristie Jumper
2023-24  Lashawn Bearden

Outstanding Committee Chair
2016-17  Ryan Bartholomee
2016-17  Amanda Bledsoe
2017-18  Ryan Bartholomee
2017-18  Amanda Bledsoe
2018-19  Cody Jones
2018-19  Alba Priest
2019-20  Derby Gallo
2020-21  Cody Jones
2020-21  Alba Priest
2021-22  Catherine Speer
2022-23  Alba Priest
2023-24  Derby Gallo

President's Special Recognition
2021-22  Narita Holmes