Hone the accounting-specific set of leadership and technical skills you need to advance on the management track within your organization and get the job done with iDEAL 2.0, TXCPA San Antonio’s proprietary leadership development program.

Also known as the Institute for Developing Excellence in Accounting Leadership, this series is designed for CPAs and accounting professionals who manage or plan to manage staff.

This six-month hybrid virtual/live program delivers up to 32 hours of CPE emphasizing technical and leadership skills.

Learn new skills in manageable five-hour blocks of time while reinforcing critical leadership qualities:
–improve self-awareness
–​become an exemplary leader
–learn the power of the five pillars of leadership
–communicate better when having those difficult conversations
–​recognize how people tick
–embrace multiple generations in the workplace
–affirm staff through intrinsic motivation and recognition
–acknowledge major disruptors affecting the profession
–innovate for continuous improvement
–understand throughput in accounting workflow
–plan for shifts in world-wide macroeconomics
–develop metrics, dashboards and other tools
–build a service success chain
–succeed in business development

iDEAL applicants should be current CPAs and current members in good standing of the Texas Society of CPAs/TXCPA-SA or key non-CPA professionals, who desire to move to the next level of leadership professionally and personally.

iDEAL is led by facilitators and consultants with WHY Group LLC, with lead instructor Brad Hunt. The WHY Group is a consortium of organizational development specialists whose mission is to help individuals and organizations transform potential into unmatched performance.

Stay tuned for dates and registration details for our next program.