Our Leadership and Staff

You can count on us for responsible leadership. A volunteer board of directors, elected by the membership, governs TXCPA San Antonio and TXCPA San Antonio CPE Foundation. Annual elections are held in January, with new officers and directors assuming their leadership roles on June 1. Twenty-two members represent TXCPA San Antonio serving on the TXCPA Leadership Council. Of the current delegates, seven former TXCPA presidents and chairs serve as Leadership Council for life; 11 members are elected by the membership to serve as TXCPA Leadership Council; and two members have been elected by TXCPA to serve as directors at large.

TXCPA San Antonio Staff

You can count on the friendly and capable TXCPA San Antonio staff. We're ready to assist you with anything from seminar coordination to accounting career education projects.

Jacqui Belcher
Executive Director

Hannah Graham
Membership Operations Coordinator

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