#ADULTING Balancing the Checks of Life

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Rachel Glasser, CPA
TXCPA Fort Worth
Branding and Community Outreach Committee Chair


THANK YOU to the Chapter volunteers who helped us reach 500 students at Arlington ISD May 2 and 3, 2024.


#Adulting is TXCPA Fort Worth's community outreach program promoting financial literacy. 

#Adulting is an immersive experience simulating the challenges of adult life. Students navigate financial decisions through a randomized career, income, and family size, engaging with various booths representing everyday expenses to explore the impact of different purchase options in housing, vehicles, and entertainment in a fun environment.

Thanks to our partner, Chase Bank!


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#ADULTING Balancing the Checks of Life has been crafted to give participants a glimpse into life as an adult managing income and paying bills in a fun, alternative reality environment.  Participants will be assigned, at random, a career and corresponding income as well as family size that may include children.  They will visit each of the booths representing everyday expenses and have discretion in varying purchase options of housing, vehicles, entertainment, etc.  Click here to view participant data.

Volunteer to take on a role at one of the 16 booths available where you will explain varying purchase options to the participants.  For example, play the part of a car salesman who is working towards that high commission trying to sell the participant the brand new, fully loaded pickup truck versus a five-year-old used sedan.  Each booth will be provided a basic set of instructions and materials.  Booth teams are invited to decorate the booth and can bring giveaways for the participants but must be thematic to the booth.  There will be a prize for the best booth.

At the end of the event, moderate a discussion with participants at your table.  A list of suggested conversation topics will be provided.

#ADULTING Balancing the Checks of Life serves as an opportunity for our members to utilize their CPA superpowers to instill a positive foundation of financial habits with real world scenario.

In addition, it is a great opportunity to network with colleagues.  

#ADULTING Balancing the Checks of Life is organized by the Branding and Community Outreach Committee who is charged with
advancing the image of the profession and the public’s understanding of the value of CPAs.


#Adulting May 4 & 5