Legacy Members

In Fort Worth, we call our Legacy Members, LEGENDS!

A Legacy Member (after 2015) or a Lifetime Member (prior to 2015) is a CPA member who obtains 40 years of consecutive membership.  Their long-time support of the Chapter and commitment to the profession helped shape our brand of "trusted advisor, people to know."  

You can connect with these and other fellow members on the TXCPA Exchange, which serves as our member directory and knowledge exchange.  

2023-2024 Legacy and Lifetime Members

Shelby Adams, CPA
Danny Addison, CPA
Patrick Admire, CPA, CGMA
David Alexander, CPA, CGMA
William Alexander, CPA
Randall Anderson, CPA
Jay Andrews, CPA
William Anthony, CPA
Terry Arndt, CPA
Philip Baker, CPA
Owen Barnett, CPA
James Bass, CPA
Michael Baylor, CPA
Carey Benson, CPA
Carolee Bertrand, CPA
William Biggs, CPA
William Blackmon , CPA
John Blakeway, CPA
Charles Blanton, CPA
Marvin Blum, CPA
Barbara Bodiford, CPA
Robert Bodiford, CPA
Michael Boucher, CPA
Terry Bouton, CPA
Michael Bowles, CPA
William Boyd, CPA
Randal Boyts, CPA
Robert Brackeen, CPA
Roy Bracken, CPA
Larry Branham, CPA
Leonard Brantley, CPA
John Brimer, CPA
James Brown, CPA
Vernon Bryant, CPA
Joseph Buchanan, CPA
Wayne Burchfield, CPA
David Burditt, CPA
Russell Burson, CPA
George Carefoot, CPA
Charles Carminati, CPA
Richard Carroll, CPA, CISA
Charles Carter, CPA
John Chaloupka, Jr., CPA
James Chapman, CPA
James Charbonnet, CPA
J. Benton Clark, CPA
Wayne Clark, CPA
John Clay, CPA
John Cockerham, CPA
John Coffield, CPA
Billy Coleman, CPA
Timothy Colglazier, CPA
Charles Conway, CPA
William Coombes, CPA
William Copeland, CPA
Frederick Cordray, CPA
Jose Coronado, CPA
Don Cosby, CPA
Gary Cowan, CPA
J. Donald Craig, CPA
Robert Craig, CPA
Albert Crain, CPA
Allen Crawford, CPA
James Creel, CPA
James Crocker, CPA
Thomas Crouch, CPA
Elaine Crowley, CPA, CGMA
Charles Cummings, CPA
Nena Cummins, CPA
Jack Davis, CPA, CGMA
David Deison, CPA
Larry Dodson, CPA
Gary Duncan, CPA
William Dunlap, CPA
Kirk Edward, CPA
Rodger Ehrlish, CPA, CGMA
Jack Eidson, CPA
John Esch, CPA
Gary Estes, CPA
Michael Estes, CPA
Joseph Ethridge, CPA
Robert Evans, CPA, CISA
Vernon Evans, CPA, CIA
Karol Fate, CPA
Ronnie Feemster, CPA
Robert Fernandez, CPA
Stephen Fowler, CPA
Doyle Freeman, CPA
David Garrett, CPA, PFS, CFP
J A Garrison, CPA
Danny Gauntt, CPA
Harold Gilliam, CPA
Lynn Gipson, CPA
Prentice Glover, CPA
Gary Goble, CPA
Margaret Goeke, CPA
Wendell Grandey, CPA
William Graves, CPA
Charles Green, CPA
Kenneth Green, CPA
Susan Greenwood, CPA
Arthur Griffin, CPA
James Griffin, CPA
Michael Griffin, CPA
David Griffis, CPA
Kenneth Gross, CPA
David Hagen, CPA, CGMA
Clyde Haggard, CPA, CCP, CFE, CIA
Craig Hamilton, CPA
Gary Hankins, CPA
Diane Hanley, CPA
Verne Hargrave, CPA
Lovell Harp, CPA
Robert Hart, CPA
Raymond Haynes, CPA
Ben Heckathorn, CPA
Robert Henson, CPA
Terry Hobbs, CPA
Stephen Hollern, CPA
Cymun Horner, CPA
Larry Hoyle, CPA
James Hughes, CPA, CGMA
H. E. Skip Humphrey, CPA
James Jackson, CPA
Randolph Jenson, CPA
John Johnson, CPA, CGMA
Richard Johnson, CPA, PFS, ABV, ChFC, CLU
Robert Johnson, CPA
Thomas Johnson, CPA
William Johnson, CPA
W. Dee Johnston, CPA
Allan Jones, CPA
Joe Jones, CPA
Mark Jones, CPA, CGMA
Marvin Jones, CPA
James Jordan, CPA
Phil Jordan, CPA
Ronny Jordan, CPA
Ted Jordan, CPA
Philip Just, CPA
Lois Kapp, CPA
Kenneth Keenum, CPA
J Barry Kevil, CPA
Phillip Kevil, CPA
E. Doke Kiblinger, CPA
Bennie Kniffen, CPA
Richard Knox, CCP
David Lancaster, CPA
Robert Lansford, CPA
Edward Lasko, CPA
William Lawhon, CPA
William Lee, CPA
James Leito, CPA, CGMA
Sheldon Levy, CPA
Charles Lieser, CPA
Pamela Lineros, CPA, CGMA
Tom Locke, CPA
Larry Loftus, CPA, CGMA, CMA
Randall Luck, CPA
Palmer Lummis, CPA
Palmer Lummis, CPA
James Mahanay, CPA
Lydia Martinez, CPA
Richard Mathews, CPA
James McCall, CPA
Donald McCartney, CPA
Gregory McCoy, CPA
Bennie McDonald, CPA, PFS
Mary McDowell, CPA, CGMA, CLU
M. Ray McGowen, CPA
Margie McQueen, CPA
Robert Merrill, CPA, CGMA
Frederick Mesch, CPA
Arthur Miers, CPA
MaryLee Mims, CPA
Michael Mitcham, CPA
James Monahan, CPA
Joseph Monteleone, CPA
Thomas Moore, CPA
Peter Morgan, CPA
David Morrow, CPA
Randy Moseley, CPA
Joseph Myers, CPA
David Neal, CPA
William Nevius, CPA
Steven Newcom, CPA, CGMA
M. Gene Niswander, CPA
Jan Norton, CPA, CGMA
Wayne O'Daniel, CPA
Terrence ODonnell, CPA
Dick Oliphant, CPA
Dennis Opitz, CPA
Jerold Parmer, CPA
Charles Parr, CPA
Henry Paup, CPA
Thaddeus Paup, CPA
H Grady Payne, CPA
Russell Payne, CPA
James Penn, CPA, ABV
Daniel Pier, CPA
Donald Pierson, CPA
Irene Pinson, CPA
William Podsednik, CPA
Nick Polito, CPA
G. Douglas Puckett, CPA, CFP
H. Edward Pugh, CPA
Tex Pursley, CPA
Richard Ramsey, CPA
Randall Ray, CPA
Emerson Rickstrew, CPA
Jerome Roberts, CPA
Larry Robertson, CPA
Ronald Robertson, ABV, CFF
Melissa L Rogers, CPA
Wesley Roland, CPA
Ronald Rosen, CPA
Stewart Rowe, CPA
David Sanders, CPA
Douglas Sanford, CPA
Russell Scheideman, CPA, CGMA
Claude Scott, CPA
George Scott, CPA, CGMA
Ralph Senter, CPA
Ronald Shaw, CPA
Warren Shipman, CPA
Merri Siddons, CPA
Ronald Siler, CPA
Gregory Simpson, CPA
Wilford Simpson, CPA
Dan Smallwood, CPA
Jim Smith, CPA
Monte Smith, CPA, CGMA
Patrick Sneed, CPA
Lary Snodgrass, CPA
Gary Snow, CPA
Frank Sommerville, CPA
Sidney Sorensen, CPA
Donald Spitzer, CPA
William Stewart, CPA
Christine Stinson, CPA
Chrislyn Stone-Green, CPA
David Stovall, CPA
William Strassburger, CPA
John Styrsky, CPA
James Swaim, CPA
Joseph Taylor, CPA
Alan Thomas, CPA
Jerrald Thomas, CPA, CGMA
Don Thompson, CPA
Frank Thompson, CPA
George Thompson, CPA
Henry Thornton, CPA
S. Renee Tidwell, CPA, CGMA
John Tittle, CPA, CGMA, CFF
Carol Todd, CPA
Mark Topel, CPA
Roy Topham, CPA
Ronald Tribolet, CPA, CVA
Don Trott, CPA
Hershell Troxell, CPA
Richard Van Gorder, CPA
Stanley Vick, CPA
Jeanine Virant, CPA, CGMA
Walter Virden, CPA, PFS
Baird Walker, CPA
David Walker, CPA
Emma Walker, CPA
Gerald Walker, CPA
Donald Wall, CPA
Rodney Waller, CPA
Margo Walsh, CPA
J. Michael Waters, CPA
George Watkins, CPA
Charles Wegman, CPA
Laurie Werner, CPA
Malcom Wetsel, CPA
Jerry Wheatley, CPA
B. Glen Whitley, CPA
George Wiederaenders, CPA
Scott Wilcox, CPA, CGMA
Phil Williams, CPA, CGMA
Bill Wilson, CPA
Patricia Wilson, CPA
Dan Witte, CPA
Clyde Womack, CPA
William Woodliff, CPA
Harold Wright, CPA
Janice Wright, CPA
Patricia Wright, CPA
William Wright, CPA
James Young, CPA