2021 Leadership Development Program

2021 Leadership Development Program

TXCPA Fort Worth’s 2021 Leadership Development Program is a small group transformative educational experience. Hone skills required for successful volunteer leadership, whether to serve this organization or elsewhere in our community.  The 2021 program is chaired by Tram Le, TXCPA Fort Worth president-elect; with Chapter Board Members Katelyn Woods, Sandra Bembenek, and Kim Knox-Lewis.

This program is for:


  • Connection to fellow CPAs
  • Connection to chapter’s resources and leadership
  • Overview of the structure of the profession and TXCPA governance
  • How member resources can be used to develop skills and knowledge
  • Soft skill training in public speaking, networking, and knowledge of personal strengths
  • Individual skill development
  • Incubator for TXCPA Fort Worth leaders

Program Dates

Thursday, July 22, 2021
8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday, August 13, 2021
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Registration is closed.

Participation Requirements
  • apply by June 21, 2021 
  • be a CPA
  • be a TXCPA Fort Worth member, and
  • commit to use your best efforts to fulfill program requirements, which are:
    • attend July 22, 2021 program
    • attend August 13 Kimbell Art Museum tour 
    • participate in a 2021 Chapter community service campaign
    • attend one meeting of a governance body of the Chapter before December 31, 2021

Fee: $250

Delivery method: group live

CPE: 8 credits awarded

Level: update

Prerequisites/advance preparation: no prerequisites and no advance preparation required.

Contact: Jennifer Davis jldavis@fortworthcpa.org

Speakers and Topics

Dede Williams Vann

Dede Williams Vann | CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths focuses on your greatest opportunities for development and success, rather than only on your weaknesses. Learn how to use your CliftonStrengths report and learning resources to tackle your work using your talents.

More about Dede


Tram Le | How the Profession is Organized

Knowing how the CPA profession is structured can help you identify personal growth and leadership opportunities. Chapter president elect Tram Le and the Executive Committee will show you where to match your interests and your commitment level.

Connect with Tram


Kim Knox Lewis | Public Speaking

Polish your presentation skills with Kim’s tips for success. Even introverts must sometimes speak at company meetings or present with confidence to clients. Participants are qualified to join the Chapter’s Speakers Bureau.

Connect with Kim


Lei Testa | Networking Workshop

Work through some key networking issues such as identifying viable prospects; what to do after meeting someone at an event; how much time and energy should be spent on networking; how to turn a prospect into a client; how to “close the deal" and more.

Connect with Lei


Sandra Bembenek | Speed Networking with LD Alumni

This fun session combines CPA's appreciation of efficiency, structure, and rules with business development networking and relationship building. Come prepared to meet the who's who of TXCPA Fort Worth. Bring Your Business Cards!

Connect with Sandra


Katelyn Woods | Fun and Games

Taking her role as keeper of the group vibe seriously, Katelyn will facilitate activities and interactions to ensure we meet the primary goal of developing connections with CPAs in Fort Worth.

Connect with Katelyn

Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson | CliftonStrengths

Erin will help you make the most of your strongest CliftonStrengths, understand your full CliftonStrengths profile, and manage potential weaknesses. Use your results to maximize your potential at work and everywhere else.

Connect with Erin


Mark Rich | A Museum Tour From An Accountant’s Perspective

CPAs often look at the world through a different lens. This session delivers insight into one of Fort Worth's most notable institutions, the Kimbell Art Museum. Event date is Friday, August 13, 2021.

Connect with Mark