Chapter History

TXCPA Houston was formed on May 22, 1928, at the Houston Club. The purpose of the organization at that time was to promote fellowship among accountants in Houston and the advancement of the profession through friendly cooperation.

Five committees were formed to create monthly programs and a six-person board of directors was created led by C.W. Wittman, Jr.

Today, TXCPA Houston is the largest chapter in the state of Texas and in the country serving 7,000 members in our 13-county area. These Texas counties include Austin, Brazoria, Colorado, Fayette, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Montgomery, Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity, Walker, and Waller. The chapter is larger than 42 state societies and is served by a 4-person staff, 25-person Board of Directors, and over 20 different committees.

Past President List

1944-1945 +Ralph W. Peters
1945-1956 +Felix T. Terry     
1946-1947 +J. Raymond Jordan
1947-1948 +Sam A. Merrill     
1948-1949 +Homer L. Luther     
1949-1950 +William P. Crouch
1950-1951 +L. Ludwell Jones     
1951-1952 + O. L. Luper     
1952-1953 +G. Wm. Graham          
1953-1954 +Albert W. Tolman, Jr.
1954-1955 +Paul N. Cheatham
1955-1956 +Sidney M. Lewis     
1956-1957 +H. B. Edens    
1957-1958 +Ray B. Vaughters
1958-1959 +Fred W. Allen, Jr.
1959-1960 +Fred W. Conrad     
1960-1961 +Walter E. Vater
1961-1962 +Herbert C. Graham     
1962-1963 +Gregg C. Waddill
1963-1964 +Frank T. Rea     
1964-1965 +A. Burke Haymes
1965-1966 Kenneth J. Mutzel
1966-1967 +Herbert J. Brewer
1967-1968 +Stanley H. Voelkel
1968-1969 +Daniel P. Whitty
1969-1970 +J. Edward Sinclair, Jr.
1970-1971 E. James Lowrey
1971-1972 +Patrick B. Collins
1972-1973 Bruce J. Harper
1973-1974 +Andrew G. Shebay
1974-1975 +John N. Kamp
1975-1976 +Wm. Nathan Cabaniss
1976-1977 +Les E. Greenberg
1977-1978 +Ronnie Rudd
1978-1979 Karl A. Ransleben
1979-1980 +M. G. Worrell, Jr.
1980-1981 +Ralph E. Wallingford
1981-1982 +A. Reginald Richardson
1982-1983 Thomas J. Roberts
1983-1984 Allan L. Jones
1984-1985 +William J. Ihlanfeldt
1985-1986 +Clinton F. Bateman
1986-1987 Reed G. Wood
1987-1988 Donald M. Clanton
1988-1989 Pat D. McCarty
1989-1990 +Wm. H. Shireman, Jr.
1990-1991 +Joe T. Rye
1991-1992 Robert E. Ogle
1992-1993 Sheila L. Root
1993-1994 Billy M. Atkinson, Jr.
1994-1995 Frank Chovanetz
1995-1996 Michael D. Viator
1996-1997 Steven R. Goodman
1997-1998 +Elwood M. Domaschk, Jr.
1998-1999 Robert J. Sweeney
1999-2000 Joseph A. Joyce, Jr.
2000-2001 Melissa A. Frazier
2001-2002 Deborah K.P. Touchy
2002-2003 Raymond C. Frierson
2003-2004 Patrick L. Durio
2004-2005 Stephen M. McEachern
2005-2006 Barry E. Wilken
2006-2007 Bill R. Frazer


2007-2008 J. Michael Hilliard
2008-2009 Jeff D. Harris
2009-2010 Kathy M. Ploch
2010-2011 David Acosta
2011-2012 Brian Jones
2012-2013 Mark Lee
2013-2014 Tom DeGeorgio
2014-2015 Carol Warley
2015-2016 Gerrad Heep
2016-2017 Debra Seefeld
2017-2018 Sheila Enriquez
2018-2019 Mohan Kuruvilla
2019-2020 Ramsey Womack
2020-2021 Darrell Groves
2021-2022 +Kelly Hunter
2022-2023 Charlotte Jungen
2023-2024 Adam Dimmick



+ Deceased