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Rookie YR- 2021-2022-Joseph Tajik

Joseph Tajik 
TXCPA Houston 2021-2022 Rookie of the Year

Joseph Tajik received the 2021-2022 Rookie of the Year Award. Joseph became active in early 2021 with the Young Professionals Committee and accepted an invitation to join the Student Auxiliary Steering Committee. As a recent graduate, he became the long-needed bridge between the students and CPAs, offering advice and mentoring his designated officer. He continues to set a positive example for the student officers. Joseph’s service has been shown through his work on the YP Committee. He encourages new CPAs that he meets to join the committee and become involved! He took on a quasi-leadership role on the Socials Subcommittee, scheduling future meetings, maintaining the records on Teams, and reaching out to event venues. Joseph promises to be a bright spot in future leadership!

Congratulations, Joseph!