Community Service

Statewide and Local Activities

Giving back to our local communities is just one of many ways we can help promote the value of the accounting profession! That’s why the Texas Society of CPAs works hard to connect our members to a variety of volunteer opportunities. Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your local area by helping those in need – all while networking and forming valuable connections with fellow TXCPA members! 

We encourage all members to get involved in their community and volunteer in whatever way they believe is most meaningful – whether it’s organizing a food drive, teaching financial literacy classes or lending a hand at a local animal shelter. 

See what opportunities are available with your local chapter:

Chapter Activities

  • Austin

    United Way for Greater Austin
    Interested in Money Management 101 content to be presented to parents of children in their early childhood programs.

    To coordinate a program or volunteer with the United Way for Greater Austin, contact Jordan Gutierrez-Ramirez at 512-382-8601 or

    United Way of Williamson County
    Seeking volunteers for the VITA program

    Interested volunteers can contact Ale Murillo at or 512-827-2574.

  • Corpus Christi


    United Way of the Coastal Bend

    • Interested in co-hosting a virtual financial literacy program in December.
    • Seeking VITA volunteers for January and VITA trainers. Training would take place in November or December.
    • Interested volunteers can contact Donna Hurley at 361-882-2529, ext. 118, or
  • Dallas


    Goodwill of Dallas

    Interested in hosting a series of virtual financial literacy educational workshops presented by CPAs, using TXCPA resources.

    Bilingual presentations and volunteers would be helpful, if available (Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese – traditional and Mandarin).

    To volunteer, contact Taylor Thompson at 214-638-2800, ext. 244 or or Armella Gottschalk at 214-638-2800, ext. 246 or

    WINGS Dallas

    Offer a variety of ways to be involved, including as financial coaches and business mentors.

    Interested volunteers can email WINGS Dallas at


  • East Texas


    Greater Longview United Way, Inc.

    • Seeking VITA volunteers for January through April
    • Interested volunteers can contact Eloisa Herrero at 903-758-0191 or
  • Fort Worth
    • All current volunteer opportunities for TXCPA Fort Worth can be found on their website here.
  • Houston


    Junior Achievement Brazoria County (Lake Jackson)

    + Looking for volunteers to record for their Career Speaker Series

    + Always welcome volunteers for their classroom presentations – most handled virtually at this time

    + Also seeking volunteers to serve on their board of directors

    + Interested volunteers for the board and special events can contact Kim Effenberger at 979-549-0800 or Volunteers interested in making classroom presentations can contact Tova Heimeyer at 979-549-0800 or

    Junior Achievement Southeast Texas (Houston)

    + Looking for volunteers for a Dec. 10 Career Day at Missouri City Middle School from 9-10:20 a.m. Volunteers will have an opportunity to speak with 8th graders and share their personal experiences on pursuing a wide variety of careers as well as information about his or her career path. Each volunteer will participate in three, 20-minute sessions with a different group of 8th graders during each session. Junior Achievement will provide volunteer training and the necessary information to prepare for the career day. All sessions will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

    + Also seeking volunteers for various programs. + JA Finance Park (virtual)

    + JA Biztown Adventures (virtual)

    + JA Personal Finance (virtual or in-person, if school allows)

    + Career Speaker Series (virtual)

    + Interested volunteers can contact Patty Lalonde at 713-337-4789 or to schedule training and learn of specific dates available in December and the spring semester.

  • Permian Basin


    Name of Event/Opportunity: Virtual Junior Achievement Volunteer Speaker
    Estimated Time Commitment for Volunteer 10-15 minutes

    Description: Junior Achievement Virtual Career Speaker Series 

    This spring, many schools are closing and switching to online programming in response to COVID-19. Junior Achievement is dedicated to helping our students plan for the future and focus on their dreams by providing teachers and parents with free online resources.

    Now's your chance to become a virtual JA volunteer! If you record and share a video with us, we will be able to share with students through our online and blended-learning programs!

    What: Share your "job story" with JA students - what you do to earn a living and why you choose to do it.

    How: Record a 10-15 minute video on your phone, any other electronic device or Zoom-like platform in landscape mode. Do not feel pressured to “fill the air” – even if it’s shorter than 15 minutes, include the information you think is most relevant. If you are still safely working in the field or in an office provide a visual of your work space (feel free to do a virtual tour). If working from home, your "home office" is a welcomed background! Please try to include your company's logo in your video.

    1. Start with: “Hello, my name is _____ and I work for_____.”

    2. Next answer three or more of the following questions: What do you do? Where do you do it? When did you start? What is your typical day like? Why is your job important to you? What personal skills or interests do you use on the job? How did your education prepare you for work?

    If there's one piece of advice you could give to a young person about achieving their dreams, what would it be?

    3. Share your video with us: Email via attachment, a shared drive link or Drop Box to

  • Rio Grande Valley


    United Way of Southern Cameron County

    + Seeking VITA volunteers. Interested volunteers can contact Keren Arista at 956-548-6880 or


  • San Antonio


    San Antonio and New Braunfels Food Banks

    Both food bank locations welcome presentations from CPAs in both virtual and in-person formats, using TXCPA resources.

    To coordinate presentation dates and time or connect interested volunteers with any opportunities in New Braunfels, contact Junaris Abueg at 830-327-6003 or To coordinate opportunities in San Antonio, contact Monica Borrego 830-327-6011 or

  • Southeast Texas


    Junior Achievement Golden Triangle Area (Beaumont)

    + Interested volunteers can schedule training and learn of specific dates available in December and the spring semester. Contact Patricia Woolridge at 409-833-3860 or

    United Way of Orange County

    + Interested in collaborating on an event promoting disaster recovery and preparedness. Interested volunteers can contact Maureen McAllister at 409-883-3591 or

  • South Plains


    What is the South Plains Chapter Doing Locally?
    Locally, the South Plains Chapter is supporting Food2Kids again.  South Plains Food2Kids is a local non-profit that provides weekend food sacks to elementary-aged children across the Lubbock area.  These food sacks include shelf stable, ready to eat food items that a child can open/prepare on its own, as well as share with other children in the family.  The sacks help bridge the gap between school-provided meals over the weekend when the child may not have access to food.

    Why PopTarts?  
    Food2Kids utilizes PopTarts in their bags as a favorite, shelf stable, easy to prepare and share food item that keeps little tummies fuller longer than other foods.  PopTarts are one of the more expensive items in the food sacks, so community drives for PopTarts are always a blessing to Food2Kids. 

    When is South Plains Supporting Food2Kids?
    The 2020 Month of Service is during the month of December.  You may go ahead and purchase PopTarts off of Amazon now (please see below) or begin dropping off PopTarts and gift cards at our local locations beginning Tuesday, December 1.  

    Please be aware of holidays and business hours when you make your donation drop.  We recommend you call the location first to make sure they are open.

    Options for South Plains Members to help?
    The South Plains Chapter is offering several ways to support Food2Kids during the month of December.

    1.  POP TART & GIFT CARD DRIVE:  Bring boxes of PopTarts or grocery gift cards (United, Walmart, H-E-B) to various local drop locations including:
      + BSGM- 8215 Nashville Avenue, Lubbock
      + Service Bureau, Inc.- 6102 Chicago Avenue #100, Lubbock
      + Drop off on Kathleen's front porch-  4618 94th Street, Lubbock, or 
      + Mail gift card donations to:  South Plains TXCPA, PO BOX 53963, Lubbock, TX 79453

    We have created a Food2Kids Wish List on Amazon, where you can purchase Pop Tarts and/or Amazon gift cards and have them shipped directly to Foo2Kids. 

    Important!  Please make sure you select Kacee Hogg and Food2Kids for your shipping location.  It should pre-populate when you select items off the Wish List, but the shipping address may default to your personal preferred shipping location. 

    Join South Plains members for an in-person stuffing shift  on Thursday, December 17, 2020, from 2 p.m.-5 p.m.  To register, please email Kathleen at Children are welcomed to come help.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes- dress warmly, as it may be cold in the facility.  Social distancing in the warehouse will be practiced- you must wear a mask to volunteer.  The warehouse is located at 12516 Chicago Ave in Lubbock
    Questions?  Please contact Kathleen at

    If volunteers are available, contact Jill Blucher and she will promote availability to their partners. Jill can be reached at 361-578-3561, ext. 301 or

  • Victoria


    United for the Crossroads

    + Interested in virtual financial literacy presentations from CPAs. If volunteers are available, contact Jill Blucher and she will promote availability to their partners. Jill can be reached at 361-578-3561, ext. 301 or
  • Wichita Falls


    Date and Time of Volunteer Event/Opportunity:
    December 3, 2020 from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

    Name of Event/Opportunity: Wichita Falls Area Food Bank at 1230 Midwestern Parkway 

    Estimated Time Commitment for Volunteer: 1 to 4 hours, as available

    Description of Event/Opportunity: Assisting the food bank any way they need that afternoon.

    How do members volunteer?:  Email Randy Holley at 940-642-0152 to notify of how many will be attending.



Support Materials

To assist with your volunteer efforts, TXCPA offers a variety of prepared presentation decks, talking points and collateral related to financial literacy. All materials are available for download on The CPA Advantage page of our website. If you have a special request for additional topics, please email Kari Owen at

Your Participation

Please let us know about your participation, so we can share information about our collective impact throughout Texas. Firms and companies can complete this online form, and TXCPA chapters and individuals can complete this online form. We want to hear about ALL community service initiatives that our members participate in! Post pictures of your efforts using hashtag #TXCPAService!