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  • What is my TXCPA membership number?
    You can locate your member ID by logging into this website. The login name is either your last name or your email address. The password is either your birthday (MMDDYYYY) or a password that you created. The ID number will be available on the screen you see after you log in. Your membership number also appears on mailing labels on any mailed correspondence from TXCPA.

    Contact TXCPA Member Services at 800-428-0272 option 1 or email for assistance.
  • What do I get for my dues money?

    TXCPA Will Provide Personal and Career Development

    Through Networking and Volunteering

    TXCPA provides members with ongoing chances to sharpen their leadership skills and develop networking opportunities through their volunteer efforts within the organization. Twenty local chapters offer great opportunities to network, provide referral services and tie the profession to the community. Find out how to participate.

    By Providing Peer Review

    The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy requires that all CPAs engaged in the practice of accounting and/or auditing must do so through a registered practice unit and complete a peer review every three years in order to remain licensed as a CPA. TXCPA offers Peer Review services firms throughout the state.

    Through High-Quality Continuing Professional Education

    One of the key benefits of TXCPA membership is the availability of high-quality, cutting-edge professional education. The CPE Foundation provides more than 500 continuing education programs in a variety of formats to meet the needs of our members each year. CPAs are required by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to obtain 120 hours of continuing professional education credit within a three-year period, including an ethics requirement.

    TXCPA Will Provide Solutions

    Acting as Clearinghouse Providing Cutting Edge, Professional Information

    Acting as clearinghouse providing cutting edge, professional information TXCPA searches through professional sources and links both nationally and statewide to keep members up-to-date on the breaking news events affecting the accounting profession. Through our website and email communications, TXCPA brings members useful and timely information on a regular basis. Members also receive Today’s CPA bringing in-depth technical information and the latest on changes in the accounting profession, as well as ongoing Society events and programs.

    TXCPA Will Work to Continue to Enhance the Image of the Profession

    Providing a Media Focus

    A primary TXCPA service is the ongoing effort to influence the attitudes and awareness of business and professional leaders regarding the broad range of services and strategic business services provided by CPAs. This is accomplished through placing CPAs in the role of spokesperson with major media outlets and image enhancement activities and promotions.

    TXCPA Will Actively Recruit New Individuals to the Profession

    Through High School and College Accounting Career Education Programs

    Through high school and college Accounting Career Education Programs TXCPA’s Accounting Career Education (ACE) program is a proactive, statewide program, which provides information, speakers and resource materials to students and educators regarding careers in accounting. The ACE program utilizes educational materials from the TXCPA and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to highlight the many diverse opportunities available to students who pursue a career in accounting. TXCPA volunteer members travel to schools across the state, delivering presentations to students, hosting workshops and seminars for teachers and counselors, and providing speakers to university and college business and accounting programs.

    Through the Efforts of The Accounting Education Foundation of the TXCPA, Inc.

    The Accounting Education Foundation provides financial assistance to students in the field of accounting. Through scholarships, seminars and programs, the Foundation enhances the quality of education in accounting and contributes to a high level of competence within the profession. Contributions from TXCPA members and businesses have provided millions of dollars in support of these and other programs since 1957.

    Offering TXCPA Student Memberships

    Student members of TXCPA receive many benefits including receiving TXCPA publications, helping them get acquainted with the issues confronting the accounting profession. Student members become candidate members upon graduation.

    TXCPA Will Protect the CPA Certificate

    By Providing Legislative Information and Involvement

    One of the principal functions of TXCPA is to serve as the voice of the accounting profession in state government, extending from the Texas legislature to numerous state agencies. TXCPA volunteers and staff of our Government Affairs department are very active in preserving the standard and integrity of the CPA certificate. Find out more.


  • How do I know that my application has been processed?
    Applications are processed within three business days of receipt. You will receive an email receipt for payment to indicate that your membership is active. Shortly after the application is processed, you will receive a new member packet by mail that includes a membership certificate.

    Once your membership is activated, you may log in to the TXCPA website using your email address for the username and your birth date for the password (MMDDYYYY). After you log in, you will be able to select a password of your choosing, verify and update contact information, and retrieve your member ID. The label on any mailings from TXCPA also should have your membership number included.

    Contact TXCPA Member Services at 800-428-0272 option 1 or email for assistance.
  • When will I be billed for the next year's dues?
    Membership renewal statements are sent by email and via the U.S. postal service in late April and early May. Payment is due by June 1.

    Contact TXCPA Member Services at 800-428-0272 option 1 or email for assistance.
  • How do I pay my local chapter dues?
    In most cases, your billing will include your local chapter dues.

    Contact TXCPA Member Services at 800-428-0272 option 1 or email for assistance.
  • How can I update or change contact information with TXCPA?
    Use the Member update form to keep your TXCPA member profile current.

    Members can also call 800-428-0272 (option 1) to speak with a Member Service representative.
  • What information does TXCPA need to update the records for a deceased member?
    Contact TXCPA Member Services at 800-428-0272 option 1 or email for assistance.
  • How do I set my mail location preference?
    The preference should be communicated to member services. Members can call: 800-428-0272 (option 1) or e-mail TXCPA Member Services.
  • Who should I contact for information about monthly chapter meetings?
    Monthly meetings are handled at the chapter level. See chapter contact information. 

  • I have a question about insurance I have through TXCPA
    Contact Judy Todd at 800-428-0272 ext. 227.

  • Are my dues paid?
    Call TXCPA Member Services 800-428-0272 (option 1) or e-mail TXCPA Member Services for verification.
  • What are the contributions appearing on my dues statement?
    Amounts shown on the dues statements are suggested and completely voluntary. Members may pay all, part or none of these suggested amounts.
  • I'm a lifetime member and I received a dues statement. Why did I receive one?
    Lifetime members continue to receive dues statements for the purposes of making the voluntary contributions and informing TXCPA of any contact information changes that should be recorded in our database.