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CPA licensing
Questions can be directed to:
Texas State Board
of Public Accountancy


E-mail CPE Customer Service
800-428-0272 or 972-687-8500
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Austin office
Toll free phone: 877-592-0526
Local: 512-445-0044

3305 Northland, Suite 406
Austin, TX 78731-4990
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you need additional assistance during business hours (M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT), please type "Human" in the chat response and click enter or call 800.428.0272 (option 1). After hours, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.

How do I register for an upcoming event?

Where do I go to get a confirmation for a course I registered to attend?

What do I need to do transfer my registration for an in-person program to a webcast?

Where can I go to access my webcast?

Why do I need participation codes for a CPE webcast?

How can I access the ethics course provided as a benefit of my membership?

How can I see what courses I am registered for?

Where do I go to access my TXCPA Passport subscription?

Where can I find information on TXCPA conferences?

How can I reschedule, change, or cancel a course registration?

I did not receive my certificate for a course I attended. Can you please send it to me again?

Where can I find my CPE transcript for reporting?

How do I register for the CPE quiz in the Today’s CPA magazine?

Where can I register for the quarterly learning programs that are offered as a benefit of membership?

How can I register multiple people for a conference?

What does the TXCPA Passport include?



How do I get a copy of a receipt for payment to TXCPA?

How do I tell if my course registration was processed?

What do I do if my payment is not going through online?



Where do I find my member profile?

Where do I find my membership details, such as join date and member ID?

How do I reset my password?

How can I update my chapter membership?

Where can I find an upcoming event in my chapter?

How are my membership category and renewal rates determined?

Can an out-of-state CPA join TXCPA?

I am a non-CPA. Do I qualify for membership?

What are my renewal options?

How can I update my member profile and/or contact details?

How can I update my roster for our company?

I am retired, how can I get my membership status updated?

How do I become a CPA?

How can I get information on professional issues?

I need to submit information for my peer review, how can I do so?

I am receiving an error when trying to access a page, template or link on the TXCXPA website. Who can help me?

How can I find a CPA for my personal or business use?

How do I post a job to TXCPA’s Career Center?

I am having issues creating an online account. Can you help me create an account?

Is there insurance with the TXCPA?




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