Member-managed. Member-driven. Member-focused political action committee.

CPA-PAC responsibilities and activities, with the exception of its day-to-day administration, are directed by the members of the Texas Society of CPAs.

CPA-PAC membership is reflective of TXCPA's general membership: certified public accountants in public practice as well as industry and government, up-and-coming young members as well as veterans and Society leadership, men, women, democrats, republicans and independents.

CPA-PAC membership is not restricted to those who are significantly involved in governmental affairs. In fact, a contribution to the CPA-PAC is the fastest, simplest, most efficient way to get involved in the political process and its positive effects on our profession. Find out more about CPA-PAC involvement.

CPA-PAC is non-partisan and is registered with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Find out how TXCPA Protects the Value of the CPA License.

The Texas Legislature is in session January - May 2023. Follow news out of Austin.

What does CPA-PAC do?

CPA-PAC contributes much-needed funds to political candidates as well as incumbents who understand the importance of a sound Texas economy and the critical role of the CPA in preserving the state’s business climate. Contributions are made year-round – not only during an election cycle – as modern policymakers must continually raise funds to meet the demands of campaigning.

How does the CPA-PAC work?

CPA-PAC is directed by the TXCPA PAC committee, whose volunteer members are appointed by the TXCPA Chairman. The PAC committee works closely with local chapters and their Public Affairs committees to determine which policymakers should receive CPA-PAC contributions.

Of all the funds contributed to the CPA-PAC, 75 percent goes directly back to chapters for donation to their local lawmakers, while the remaining 25 percent is donated to candidates in campaigns for statewide office.

Administrative expenses involved in CPA-PAC’s day-to-day operations are underwritten by the Texas Society of CPAs.

Contribution decisions are based upon a candidate’s position on issues of importance to CPAs, the strength of the opposition, the level of the candidate’s influence, their need for funds and incumbency.





You may mail your check, payable to TXCPA CPA-PAC, to:

14651 Dallas Parkway
Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75254-7408

Many members choose to donate to the CPA-PAC by means of an annual pledge or when paying your annual dues to TXCPA.

Donations to the CPA-PAC are NOT deductible as charitable contributions. Checks & credit cards made payable to the CPA-PAC are acceptable only from individuals, partnerships or professional corporations organized under the Texas Professional Corporations Act. If using a corporate check, the contribution will be used to offset CPA-PAC administrative expenses and should be made payable to TXCPA.

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