Leadership Nominations

Nominations for TXCPA leadership positions are accepted annually between May and August. The TXCPA Nominations Committee meets in late September and nominates candidates for: chairman-elect, treasurer-elect, secretary, Executive Board members, Board of Directors members-at-large, Nominations Committee, and AICPA Council.

Elections are conducted electronically in November and elected leaders will take office June 1 of the following year.

Nominations are encouraged from chapters and all TXCPA members.

2021-2022 Slate of Candidates

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Candidates for terms beginning June 1, 2021 have been nominated by the 2020-2021 Nominations Committee and have consented to serve, if elected by the TXCPA members. Election of officers, directors-at-large, members of the Nominations Committee, and members of the Executive Board will be conducted through an electronic ballot sent to members in November.

For more information, please contact Holly McCauley.

TXCPA Bylaws Article IX(2) - in addition to the nominations of the Nominations Committee, independent nominations for officers, directors-at-large, members of the Nominations Committee, or elected members of the Executive Board, may be presented by any 50 members in good standing at the date such nominations are filed, provided that such nominations are filed with the president not later than November 10. Nominations shall be at-large.