Leadership Nominations

2024-2025 Leadership Nominations


Candidates for terms beginning June 1, 2024 have been nominated by the 2023-2024 Nominations and Board Development Committee and Nominations Council and have consented to serve, if elected by the TXCPA members.

Election of Officers, Board of Directors and at-large members of the Leadership Council, Nominations and Board Development Committee and the Nominations Council will be conducted through an electronic ballot sent to members in November. The ballot will be open for a period of at least 30 days. 

A full overview of the nominations timeline, process, qualifications and roles and responsibilities for each position can be found online here. TXCPA continues to strive to have our leadership reflect the diverse makeup of our members on all levels including gender, age, ethnicity, location and industry type.

TXCPA Bylaws Article X(2)  -  in addition to the nominations of the Nominations and Board Development Committee, independent nominations for officers, directors-at-large and members of the Nominations and Board Development Committee may be presented by any 50 members in good standing at the date such nominations are filed, provided that such nominations are filed with the president not later than November 10. Nominations shall be at-large.

Please contact Holly McCauley with any questions.



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