Engaging and Advancing the Next Generation of CPAs

The Texas Society of CPAs (TXCPA) has a longstanding history in working to grow the profession and expanding the CPA pipeline. TXCPA, our 20 local chapters, our member volunteers, employers, and educators have done significant work to provide student outreach and support accounting career education.

In 2022, TXCPA’s Pipeline Task Force developed a statewide strategy to guide our work to fill and strengthen the pipeline for future CPAs in Texas and measure the impact of our collective efforts to reach and engage the next generation of Texas CPAs. 

We are focusing our first year of implementation on these priorities to help set a strong foundation of success. 

Student Pipeline


  • Candidates currently in the pipeline
  • Students from elementary school through college
  • Firms and companies who employ CPAs
  • Legislative and regulatory bodies

Copies of our full CPA Pipeline strategy and a summary of our 2022-23 priorities are available below.



Get Involved! It's Easy!

Supporting and growing the CPA pipeline takes the dedication and commitment of our chapters and members across the state. Consider sharing your story in some of these ways, or contact us at to talk about other ways we can help you connect personally to this important work!

  • Reach out to TXCPA to share your story in a high school or college classroom. Presentation materials are available in English and Spanish.
  • Post on social media how your CPA license has helped you be successful and add #TXCPA so we can share and extend your message.
  • Volunteer to do a video profile for TXCPA to share with students and educators.
  • Offer to be a mentor for a student considering a career in accounting or a candidate working towards their CPA.
  • Contact your TXCPA chapter to get engaged in local outreach and events.


Our Priorities for 2022-2023


Responsibility: Government Affairs volunteers and key staff

  • Pursue a legislative change to the Texas Public Accountancy Act to reduce the hours needed to sit for the CPA Exam from 150 credit hours to 120 credit hours
  • Work in partnership with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to better support, communicate with, and track candidates in the pipeline.
  • Advocate for regulatory and licensing uniformity to promote CPA candidate convenience and eliminate unnecessary obstacles in the candidates’ journey to becoming a CPA.
  • Pursue expansion of the federal designations for STEM to include accounting.
  • Work with TSBPA, AICPA, NASBA, and testing companies to ensure candidates have the resources they need to successfully navigate and pass the new CPA Exam.


Responsibility: Accounting Education Foundation

  • Create a TXCPA Accounting Education Foundation Scholarship Task Force to evaluate the purpose and structure of the state scholarship program and opportunities to coordinate and streamline the process statewide


Responsibility: TXCPA and TXCPA chapters

  • Expand the number of faculty and student ambassadors to ensure engagement on all Texas campuses that have an accounting program.
  • Increase outreach to students and faculty across Texas, with some focus on:
  • High School educators in career and technical education (CTE)
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs)
  • Middle school counselors
  • Accounting and business majors in colleges and universities
  • Identify and work with ISDs and colleges within the five large chapters to establish at least one new dual credit accounting program in each region.


Responsibility: TXCPA staff and key committees

  • Develop and pilot a career mentoring program.
  • Create new TXCPA branded materials promoting the profession and CPA licensure with updated key messages including Spanish translations, where appropriate.
  • Expand use of TXCPA Exchange and the TXCPA Career Center to assist candidates.
  • Increase attendance of accounting professors at TXCPA’s Accounting Education Conference.
  • Create and promote resources to help firms and companies become employers of choice to attract and retain today’s CPA talent.
  • Develop an employer guide to highlight Texas organizations to future CPAs and colleges and universities across the state.

Our Volunteers Are Appreciated - Thank You!

TXCPA is grateful for the dedication and hard work of the Pipeline Task Force in identifying opportunities for us to impact the pipeline and track our success.


Mohan Kuruvilla, Ph.D., CPA, Houston, Chairman
Susan Anders, Ph.D. CPA CGMA, Wichita Falls
Sandra Bembenek, CPA, Fort Worth
Ginger DeLatte, CPA, Corpus Christi
Brad Elgin, CPA, Houston
Taylor Franta, CPA, Dallas
Derby Gallo, CPA, Permian Basin
Adam Hallmark, CPA, San Angelo
Chris Hes, CPA, Dallas

Jennifer Johnson, CPA, CGMA, Dallas
Kimberly Knox-Lewis, CPA, Fort Worth
Tracie L Miller-Nobles, Ph.D., CPA, Austin
Bryan Morgan, CPA, San Antonio
Kelly Noe, CPA, CGMA, East Texas
Sarah Robertson, CPA, El Paso
David Rose, CPA, Southeast Texas
Shelly Spinks, CPA, Central Texas
Patty Wetz, CPA, San Antonio




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