Peer Review

Administrative Fees

To cover the costs of administering peer reviews for the AICPA Peer Review Program and TXCPA Peer Review Program, the Texas Society of CPAs’ leadership has approved an annual fee structure for the administration of both peer review programs. Firms enrolled in the programs are invoiced each May for the billing cycle beginning June 1 and ending May 31. Invoices are due upon receipt.

The amo unt each firm is billed is based on the number of professionals employed by the firm. A “professional” is defined as a CPA or someone seeking the designation. Because staffing changes occur, a convenient fee structure has been established to reflect a range of individuals to determine the amount a firm should be billed. Please use the Peer Review Annual Administrative Fee Structure chart below to confirm the amount your firm should pay.

Peer Review Administration Fees, or any prorated portion of fees, are non-refundable at any time within the TXCPA fiscal billing period (June 1 – May 31) when a firm is dropped, terminated or withdraws from the Peer Review Program.



Peer Review Annual Administrative Fee Structure

Number of Professionals

AICPA PR Program

TXCPA PR Program

Sole Practitioner



2-5 Professionals



6-10 Professionals



11-20 Professionals



21-30 Professionals



31-40 Professionals



41-50 Professionals



51+ Professionals



Firms in the TXCPA Peer Review program are required to pay an additional PRIMA usage fee.

For additional information on annual fees, contact TXCPA Peer Review staff at 800.428.0272 or 972.687.8500 (for Dallas) and select Option 3.


An annual AICPA PRIMA-use fee for firms enrolled in the TXCPA Peer Review Program is included in the firm's annual administrative fee.

Reviewer Fees

All system reviews are arranged on a firm-on-firm basis, which means that the firm must identify and hire a peer reviewer themselves, in which case, the fee arrangements are negotiated directly with the peer reviewer.

Engagement reviews may be conducted on either a firm-on-firm basis or the firm may choose to have a CART (Committee Appointed Review Team) review. For firm-on-firm reviews, the fee arrangements are made directly with the peer reviewer.

For CART reviews, the TXCPA arranges for a reviewer to conduct the peer review, and for these types of reviews effective November 1, 2023 the fee is $1000 base plus an additional $300 for each engagement omitting disclosures and $600 for every engagement with disclosures. The CART fees will be billed to the firm and must be received by the TXCPA Peer Review Department prior to the commencement of the review.




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