Members on TXCPA Committees

TXCPA Corpus Christi Members serving on TXCPA Committees

CommitteeTXCPA Corpus Christi Member
501(c)(3) Consolidation Task ForceJerry Spence
Accounting Education FoundationAnne-Marie Lelkes
AuditNatalie Klostermann
AwardsJeffery Smith
Chapter Legislative CoordinatorsSusie Sullivan
Chapter Vice PresidentsJeffery Smith
CPA Practice IssuesMisty Mata
CPA-PACDavid Morales
CPE Advisory BoardMisty Mata
CPE Task ForceJerry Spence
Editorial BoardAnne-Marie Lelkes
Executive BoardMisty Mata
External Relations/Image IssuesJennifer Perales
Federal Tax PolicyMisty Mata
InvestmentsJerry Spence
Legislative AdvisorySusie Sullivan
MembershipNatalie Klostermann
Pipeline Task ForceGinger DeLatte
Professional EthicsAnne-Marie Lelkes
Relations with IRSNatalie Klostermann
Relations with IRSJosefina Villareal
Texas School District Accounting and Auditing ConferenceJeffery Smith