3 Ways to Differentiate Yourself

Landing the job. As a student, this thought is constantly top of mind. And when thinking about landing the job, often academic achievement and extracurricular involvement are what first come to mind. Although these are both significant aspects to launching a successful career, on their own they do not necessarily set you apart from the pack. So, what can you do to rise to the top?

1. Demonstrate Leadership Skills

Employers want to see the potential for future employees to be leaders within their organization. Throughout your resume, you can highlight leadership positions or experience. This doesn’t just mean being an officer of an organization, taking lead on a group project or spearheading a task at your internship can demonstrate your leadership potential to future employers.

2. Highlight The Intangibles

Soft skills don’t always translate directly on your resume. However, you can show your future employer that you possess the intangibles to be a successful team member throughout the hiring process. Be punctual, communicate clearly, do your research, ask relevant questions. Having strong references from internships and professors who can vouch for your professionalism will add to your credibility as well.  

3. Be Resourceful

Build on the opportunities you have as a student and join your local professional association. Each state offers a CPA society that welcomes new student members. TXCPA is the largest, most influential association of accounting and finance professionals in Texas, and we're always excited to welcome a future CPA to our membership!

Yes - adding those 3 letters to you name (CPA) will instantly set you apart from the rest, but these initial steps can help you differentiate yourself and “land the job” on interview day!

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