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  • Seeking CPA Firm Sellers
    Selling your firm in 2023? Accounting Biz Brokers has GREAT NEWS for you! Accounting Biz Brokers has been selling CPA firms for over 18 years and we know your market. Selling your firm is complex. We can simplify the process and help you receive your best results! Our “Six Steps to Success” process for selling your firm includes a personalized, confidential approach to bringing you the “win-win” deal you are looking for. Our brokers are the only Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) specializing in the sale of CPA firms in the nation! When you are ready to sell, we have the buyers, financing contacts and the experience to assist you with the successful sale of your firm! Contact us TODAY to take the first step!

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  • Accounting Practice Sales


    BUYING OR SELLING? First talk with Texas CPAs who have the experience and knowledge to help with this big step. We know your concerns and what you are looking for. We can help with negotiations, details, financing, etc. Know your options. Visit for more information and current listings. Or call toll-free 800-397-0249. Confidential, no-obligation. We aren’t just a listing service. We work hard for you to obtain a professional and fair deal.

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Classifieds Practices for Sale:

  • Accounting Practice Sales


    Texas Practices Currently Available Through Accounting Practice Sales: 
    North America's Leader in Practice Sales 
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    $533,000 gross. East Texas CPA firm. Highly regarded firm offers bilingual services to businesses and business owners. Revenues 50/50 tax work and accounting services. Strong cash flow over 50% gross income. TXN1601

    $1,130,000 gross. Houston Beltway CPA firm. Motivated seller willing to assist in transition. Revenues 43% tax, 32% accounting, 25% other for year-round income. Knowledgeable staff in place ready to support. TXS1307

    $120,000 gross. Tarrant County CPA practice. Semi-virtual, home operated with occasional in-person meetings. Well established firm with many quality business clients. Revenues derived predominately of tax work and over 70% cash flow to owner. TXN1622

    $600,000 gross. North Dallas CPA practice. Solid fee structure boasts about 70% gross income from services for businesses. Loyal clientele consisting of affluent individuals and solid businesses in a variety of industries. Experienced and knowledgeable staff available to transition. TXN1623

    $202,000 gross. Plano, TX CPA practice. Located in a desirable community. Nice mix of revenues for year-round cash flow. 80% tax prep, 10% accounting services, 10% consulting/payroll/other services. Seller assisted transition. TXN1624

    $287,000 gross. Revenues nice mix of services 66% tax, 23% bookkeeping, 9% payroll, 2% consulting. High quality, loyal client base with large number of businesses. Strong fee structure and high referral rate. TXN1625

    $162,000 gross. Allen, TX EA practice. Strong cash flow to owner of around 80%. Loyal client base with 93% tax work. No lease and minimal overhead make an exceptional opportunity for growth with referrals and expanding services. TXN1621

    $90,000 gross. Olney, Texas CPA practice. Perfect startup size that boasts a cash flow of almost 80%. Focus mostly on tax preparation services but has large number of business clients for expansion. TXN1619

    $186,000 gross. North Texas business appraisal firm. Full-service business valuation and consulting firm. Strong fee structure and minimal overhead yield almost 90% cash flow to owner. Reliable referral sources and great reputation in the community make this a fantastic opportunity. TXN1618

    $148,000 gross. Addison, TX CPA practice. Revenues are 76% tax work and 24% accounting to provide year-round income. Nearly 60% income is from business clients and a cash flow of almost 60%. TXN1616 

    $585,000 gross. Dallas, TX CPA practice. Sophisticated client base grown from primarily referrals and is primarily made up of tax work (95%). Clients are high net worth individuals and businesses. Perfect size for an experienced CPA. TXN1603

    $135,000 gross. Greater Killeen area CPA practice. Loyal client base made up of 82% tax preparation and 18% bookkeeping for year-round income. Over 67% cash flow. Owner assist transition available. TXC1083

    $109,400 gross. Addison, TX CPA practice. Desirably located with a nice mix of quality clients. Solid fee structure and strong fee structure yield 60% cash flow. TXN1604

    $68,000 gross. North Texas (near Wichita Falls). Strong fee structure and high realization rate. Over 50% revenues are from audits and 45% from tax work. TXN1609

    $506,000 gross. Northern San Antonio metro CPA. 59% tax preparation (30% individual, 59% business, 11% other), 29% bookkeeping, 8% consulting, 4% Texas franchise returns. TXC1083

    $190,000 gross. Virtual NE Houston CPA firm. Year-round revenue and excellent cash flow. Services composed of tax (57%), accounting (12%) and other (31%). TXS1304

    $292,000 gross. Brazoria County CPA firm. Reputable practice with growth opportunities due to referrals from loyal clients. Owner transition available. Service mix tax (62%), accounting (29%) and other (9%). TXS1293

    $323,000 gross. Virtually based DFW medical practice. Strong fee structure and low overhead that yields cash flow of over 80%. Ample growth opportunity for this niche firm. TXN1613

    $1,285,000 gross. Allen, Texas CPA practice. Rapidly growing revenues and loyal client base. Services composed of tax (75%), accounting (17%) and tax planning services 8%. Strong staff in place ready for a smooth transition. TXN1614

    $1,076,000 gross. Northeast Dallas CPA. Respected, established practice for over 40 years. Over 65% is business clients. Revenues nice mix of tax (65%) and accounting (35%). Long-term staff, excellent fee structure. TXN1615

    $140,000 gross. Addison, TX CPA. High quality, loyal clients. Centrally based location in DFW. Revenues tax (76%) and accounting (24%) for year-round income. Cash flow near 60%. TXN1616

    $620,000 gross. Brownwood, TX area CPA. Nicely balanced revenues between 75% tax work, 15% accounting services, 10% payroll/compliance. Great cash flow to owner. TXN1534

    $1,119,000 gross. Heart of Texas CPA practice. Tax prep is 85-90% of revenue yearly, 2/3 individuals. Business and trust make up the remainder. Bookkeeping 10-15%. Tenured staff. TXC1077 

    $447,000 gross. Heart of Texas CPA firm. 80% tax, (78% inv., 13% bus., 9% other), 11% bkkpng, 9% audits/reviews, cash flow around 43%, staff in place, owner available to stay on as employee after sale if needed. TXC1078

    $510,000 gross. NW of Dallas CPA firm. Tax 72%, accounting 28%, strong fees, solid cash flow, experienced staff in place, turn-key location in desirable DFW community. TXN1526

    $307,000 gross. North Texas CPA practice. Tax 65%, accounting 35%, solid fee structure, experienced staff and the perfect size starter or add-on practice. TXN1558

    $730,000 gross. Northeast Texas CPA firm. Tax 55% and 45% accounting, solid fee structure, experienced staff and exceptional client base. Lots of room for growth, 80% total revenues from businesses. TXN1587

    $480,000 gross. Fort Worth, TX CPA tax practice. Strong cash flow to owner 55%, quality clientele, year-round income, and amazing expansion ability with individual and business referrals. TXN1588

    $1,125,000 gross. W. Houston CPA firm. 66% tax, 22% audit/review, 12% bookkeeping. Excellent cash flow to owner, premium clientele and experienced staff in place. TXN1246

    $283,000 gross. Southeast Texas CPA firm. 60% tax and 40% bookkeeping. Building available for lease or purchase. Friendly and loyal clients, growth opportunities and owner-assisted transition available. TXS1232.

    $1,700,000 gross. N. Houston CPA practice. Great service mix to provide year-round revenue with heavier workload during Sept/Oct deadlines. Strong, experienced staff in place. TXS1264

    $116,000 gross. The Woodlands area CPA firm. Operates remotely from anywhere in Houston. Excellent cash flow, high-income clients. TXS1291

    $567,000 gross. NE of Houston CPA firm. Owner looking to semi-retire and will assist buyer as agreed. Great service mix of tax, bookkeeping and payroll/consulting. Turn-key opportunity with experienced staff in place and office available for lease. TXS1283

    $905,000 gross. Semi-virtual Texas-based CPA firm. Multiple location firm with possibility to be completely virtual over time. 66% tax work and 27% accounting and 7% payroll. Year-round income with about 55% income derived from businesses. TXN1606

    $255,000 gross. North Dallas CPA tax clients. Loyal clients from a variety of businesses and industries. About 80% of business done by portal, making it an easy acquisition for an existing firm. Option to maintain space for seamless transition. TXN1605

    $3,560,000 gross. North Texas CPA practice. Well-established and growing firm that is exceptionally profitable for a firm its size due to fee structure and high realization rate. 50% auditing services, 45% tax work. Complete with long-term staff and partners to aid in transition. TXN1597

    $477,000 gross. NW Houston CPA firm. Revenues made up of accounting 74%, tax 24% and other 2%. Year-round cash flow and knowledgeable staff. Owner willing to assist transition. TXS1300

    $1,040,000 gross. South Texas CPA firm. Nicely mixed revenues 43% accounting, 38% tax and 19% other services. Year-round cash flow and knowledgeable staff. TXS1298

    $650,000 gross. West Houston accounting firm. Service mix 93% accounting and bookkeeping and 7% tax. Nice location for buyer with extra room to bring in additional staff. TXS1297

    $1,013,900 gross. SW Houston CPA firm. Desirable location and cash flow. Well-trained support staff already in place. Services desirably mixed 67% tax, 12% accounting, 15% reviews and 5% audits. Seller-assisted transition. TXN1295

    $354,000 gross. NW Houston CPA firm. Predominately made up of complex tax returns. Nice cash flow and high-income quality clients. Excellent staff ready and able to assist. TXS1296

    $316,000 gross. Galveston County CPA. Service mix includes 67% tax, 14% audit/review and 6% other. Year-round work provides excellent cash flow. Prime location with loyal clients. TXS1287

    $2,201,000 gross. West Texas firm. Highly motivated multi-owner CPA firm. Revenue mix is 14% accounting services, 29% tax preparation (49% individual, 41% business, 10% other and 57% attest services. Large tenured staff and long assisted transition by owner. TXW1030

    $95,000 gross. Conroe CPA firm. Owner transition available. Service mix 75% tax and 25% other for year-round income. TXS1311

    $296,000 gross. West Houston tax firm. Services mixed 93% tax and 7% other services. Year-round cash flow and knowledgeable bilingual staff in place to support transition. TXS1306

    $115,000 gross. Matagorda County tax and accounting. 60% tax work and 40% accounting. Many referrals for growth. TXS1308

    $172,000 gross. Houston Galleria area tax firm. Owner transition available. 83% tax and 17% accounting. Great reputation and constant referrals. TXS1310

    $150,000 gross. Katy, TX CPA firm. Service mix tax (96%) and other (4%). Loyal, long-term clients with many referrals for growth. Owner transition available. TXS1305


    For more information call Toll Free 1.800.397.0249
    See full listing details and inquire/register for free at






  • Accounting Biz Brokers

    ACCOUNTING BIZ BROKERS offers the following listings for sale:

    North San Antonio gross $520k (New)
    Ark-La-Tex area gross $1.2M (New)
    NE Dallas suburb gross $775k 
    Uvalde County gross $729k (Sold)
    Texas County, OK gross $399k

    Contact Kathy Brents, CPA, CBIOffice 866-260-2793 Cell 501-514-4928

    Visit us at
    Member of the Texas Society of CPAs
    Member of the Texas Association of Business Brokers



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