Strategic Plan Goals


We are a unified, influential, and adaptive association driven by technology to deliver customized value and service to the evolving accounting profession.


Organize the Society’s governance and chapter affiliations to design an adaptable and unified structure that will act as a catalyst for growth and strengthening operations.

OBJECTIVE 1: Clarify the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the state association and chapter network, to finalize an affiliation agreement for creating a unified team that effectively addresses the evolving environment and member needs.

OBJECTIVE 2: Improve the strategic capabilities and efficiency of operations of TXCPA's subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, assessing the viability of integrating the three 501(c)3 organizations, and potential growth of the Insurance Trust to serve more members.

OBJECTIVE 3: Clarify the fiduciary and advisory roles and responsibilities between the Executive Board and Board of Directors to enable governance to be adaptive and proactive.


Acquire or leverage technology platforms to customize and expand delivery of education and member value.

OBJECTIVE 1: Design a consulting service to provide deeper technology support to achieve customized value for accounting firms.

OBJECTIVE 2: Assess the relevance and data capabilities of TXCPA’s technology platforms to ensure the Society is leveraging the most strategic solutions in order to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

OBJECTIVE 3: Build a subscription-based membership model to customize our service to the accounting profession based on individual preferences and choice.


Broaden member categories to reflect evolving profession and identify complementary organizations to partner or affiliate with for expanded service capabilities.

OBJECTIVE 1: Refine member categories to recognize the changing dynamics that are now part of the accounting profession.

OBJECTIVE 2: Assess the market to determine the potential synergistic organizations that align to strategic needs.

OBJECTIVE 3: Expand our influence and integration with other associations and stakeholders through strategic partnerships that enhance licensing or expand our service capabilities.

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