Peer Review Annual Administrative Fee Details

Let us know if you are no longer performing reviewable engagements.

Step 1: Complete the Exemption Request Form.
Step 2: Email your completed form to 
Step 3: A firm claiming an exception from peer review should also submit an Affidavit for Peer Review to the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy by email at

Learn more about Administrative Fees.
Read more about the Peer Review Administrative Fee structure.

Change your enrollment to remove the PRIMA Use Fee.
To eliminate the PRIMA Use Fee, the firm must request a change in its enrollment to the AICPA Peer Review Program by June 16, 2023.  Please contact us to discuss the procedures for changing programs.  

Determine your fee based on the number of professionals in your firm.
The amount each firm is billed is based on the number of professionals employed by the firm. A “professional” is defined as a CPA or someone seeking the designation. Because staffing changes occur, a convenient fee structure has been established to reflect a range of individuals to determine the amount a firm should be billed. Please use the Peer Review Annual Administrative Fee Structure chart below to confirm the amount your firm should pay.

Peer Review Annual Administrative Fee Structure

Number of Professionals

AICPA PR Program

TXCPA PR Program

Sole Practitioner



2-5 Professionals



6-10 Professionals



11-20 Professionals



21-30 Professionals



31-40 Professionals



41-50 Professionals



51+ Professionals



Firms in the TXCPA Peer Review program are required to pay an additional PRIMA usage fee. 

(Applies to June 2023 - May 2024 fiscal year)




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