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Welcome September 2021 New Members

  • Published on Oct 7, 2021
  • by Jennifer Davis

Welcome to these members who joined TXCPA and TXCPA Fort Worth in September 2021.


Tim Avance, CPA
Robert Burden, CPA
Carol Fowler, CPA
Joe Hassell, CPA
Leslie Kalina, CPA
Susan Mathisen, CPA
Melinda Mayben, CPA
Ashley Regier, CPA
Ismail Tahir, CPA
Kimberly Waller, CPA
Laurie Wood, CPA
CPA - New Licensee
Adolfo Cantu, CPA
Mary D'Alise, CPA
Meagan Hoekman, CPA
Anthony Makundi, CPA
Jon Mills, CPA
Megan Murphy, CPA
Tien Nguyen, CPA
Corey Partridge, CPA
Matthew Streadbeck, CPA
Taylor Troth, CPA
Chunmeng Wang, CPA
Non-CPA Employee Affiliate
Miranda Joseph
 Student Member
Paola Arellano
Jeremy Burt
Kibre Dubiso
Stephanie Estrada
Kelly Hykel
Estrella Martinez
Alexa Moses
Jonathan Munoz
Allison Nix
Leslie Ozuna
Jack Roberson
Danielle Roberts
Oyindamola Salami
Laila Samavat
Brooke Sullivan
Meredith  Turner
Kyler Waldron
Taylor Welvang
Tsung-Hsuan Yang
Qi Zhang