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Kathy Ploch, CPA


Kathy is our go-to person whenever the media needs a CPA to offer tax information for the public and when other CPAs need tax preparation advice.

She’s a Past President of TXCPA Houston and has been a member of TXCPA’s Board of Directors since 2006.

Kathy served as the Burden Reduction Sub-Group Chair of the IRS, serves on the TXCPA Federal Tax Policy Committee, and is a Past President and volunteer for the Texas Accountants & Lawyers for the Arts.

She was a member of the AICPA Advocacy & Relations Committee, has been an online reviewer of IRS Nationwide Tax Forum presentations, served on AICPA’s Tax Executive Committee, and since 2020, has served as the Chair of the Chair of the TXCPA Relations with IRS Committee and as an Associate Member of the AICPA Tax-Exempt Technical Resource Panel.

In other words, we’re not the only ones who rely on her as a go-to tax expert.

Kathy, it is an honor to present you with this award. Congratulations!