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Intentional Influence

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • by Brian Kush, PCC, CLC, CPA

Our Young Professionals Conference speaker Brian Kush, PCC, CLC, CPA, from Intend2Lead, LLC speaks about Intentional Influence. 

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Ben is a 40 year old account executive at a large manufacturing company. He is about to enter a very important meeting. He’s tired, overworked, and generally having a bad day. He walks into the board room, thumps down in his chair and awaits the next round of bad news.

Rey is a 32 year old CPA who is about to enter the same meeting. She is also tired, overworked and generally having a bad day. Rey walks into the board room, but before she sits down, she takes a deep breath … and gently reminds herself to … relax.

Everything else being equal, who do you think has a better chance of showing up as their better self during that meeting? 

Rey spent two seconds to set a simple intention before this interaction. Two seconds.

That’s it. Can that small exercise really make a difference in how she shows up in that meeting? I say yes! Rey made a choice before her meeting. She implicitly asked a question of herself…How do I want to show up in this meeting?

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More about the author: 

Brian Kush, PCC, CLC, CPA

Brian is an executive leadership coach who helps leaders access the Dimension of Possible: an elevated place where you see the world differently. Fear is no longer the enemy and love reigns. Brian has spent over 20 years serving the accounting profession and is the co-founder of Intend2Lead. He is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and Brian authored the book, Auditing Leadership (Wiley, 2009).