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Did you know that your membership provides access to a Houston Chapter Member Directory?

  • Published on Jun 16, 2020
  • by Carol Spencer

Welcome to your new membership year! As a member of both TXCPA and your local chapter, TXCPA Houston, the TXCPA Exchange offers tremendous opportunities for learning and sharing with your fellow members across the state.

Did you know that your membership provides access to a Houston Chapter Member Directory

To access the directory:

  • Log-in at
  • Resources drop-down menu – select TXCPA Exchange
  • TXCPA Exchange – select Member Directory
    Search for a specific member, or apply “advanced search” and select Houston Chapter for a roster of all members

Through the advanced search option, you can obtain a list of those members with specific areas of expertise or interests, or who are part of a specific TXCPA Exchange Community Group.

Your member profile may be accessed through the member directory and community rosters and you have control over the information others see on your profile.

To opt-out of inclusion in the directory and community rosters, or to modify what information is provided:

From the TXCPA Exchange:

  • Select Profile from the top of page
  • My Account
  • Privacy settings
    For each field, options include visibility to your contacts, membership only, the public, or private to you.

From Privacy Settings, you may also update specific fields including Email Preferences, RSS Feeds, Community Notifications, or Discussion Signature.

While you’re in the TXCPA Exchange, take a few moments and update your profile, including areas such as your Bio, Areas of Expertise, Education, Accreditation, Job History, and CPE Interests. You may also import your information from your LinkedIn® profile.

Do you have a question about the Exchange, accessing the member directory, or updating your profile? Contact Membership Manager Carol Spencer, for assistance.