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Did you know that TXCPA Houston offers a CPA Referral Service for the public?

  • Published on Jun 30, 2020
  • by Carol Spencer

Welcome to your 2020-2021 membership year!  Each new year is a time to share business opportunities, to build relationships, and to grow your business.

Did you know that TXCPA Houston offers a CPA Referral Service that directs members of the public to member firms? Both the chapter office and TXCPA receive frequent online and phone requests from individuals, or other professional firms, for assistance from a CPA. The Chapter will refer potential clients to registered firms.

If your firm is a public accounting practice unit, registered with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, your Chapter membership allows you to join the Referral Service at no charge. Once your application is approved, TXCPA will provide inquirers with contact information for three to five firms that provide the services they seek. To maintain accurate information, firms must renew their registrations each membership year (June 1-May 31).

Once accepted, firms are required to offer a consultation of up to one-half hour at no charge, if requested by the referred party. Registered participants must also provide their customary fee schedules to inquirers if they request continued service. All partners or shareholders must hold membership in TXCPA/ TXCPA Houston, and the practice unit must be engaged in the practice of public accounting on a full-time basis.

Why wouldn’t you enroll your firm in a free program that sends potential new customers to you? Complete the CPA Referral Service application or contact Membership Manager Carol Spencer, to take advantage of this “no brainer” benefit.

We appreciate your membership and we want you to take advantage of the best benefits for your professional needs. Remember, TXCPA Houston is here for you – before, during, and after a pandemic, disaster, or community strife.