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How You Can Help Protect Your CPA License

  • Published on Jul 8, 2020
  • by Carol Spencer

Are you aware that TXCPA Houston has a CPA-PAC that helps protect CPAs from threatening legislation? CPAs have too much at stake to commit anything less than 100 percent to political efforts that support pro-CPA legislation. The TXCPA PAC works closely with the local PAC to determine which policymakers should receive CPA-PAC contributions.

Seventy-five percent of all CPA-PAC donations go to the Houston chapter for contributions to local lawmakers and 25 percent support candidates in campaigns for statewide offices, such as governor, lieutenant governor, state comptroller, and others. See the CPA-PAC Funding reports through 2019.

TXCPA Houston’s PAC Steering Committee is responsible for PAC fundraising, administering the key person program in the Houston area, and stimulating interests in Texas political affairs. The committee meets 2-3 times per year, allows members to deliver checks to Texas state representatives and senators, and has subcommittees that offer the best choice for your interest.

Help TXCPA Houston support candidates who offer the greatest benefits to your profession by volunteering to serve on the PAC or making a donation to sustain your professional future. CPA-PAC is non-partisan and is registered with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Contact Membership Manager Carol Spencer at for more information about the TXCPA Houston CPA-PAC, other community support options, or how to make sure your membership profile is accurate.