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Support Texas Legislatures Who Support CPAs

  • Published on Nov 10, 2020
  • by Steve Goodman, CPA, CFP®

Did you know that changes are proposed during every legislative session that can threaten your profession and dilute the value of your CPA license?

Thanks to CPA-PAC donors:

  • CPA firms must have at least 50% CPA ownership.
  • the Board of Accountancy will continue for another decade.
  • retired CPAs are exempt from the fingerprinting requirement.
  • there is no sales tax on accounting services.
  • the $200 professional service fee was eliminated on license renewals.

All CPAs benefit from the hard work and financial support of CPA-PAC donors: their contributions are what keep the profession strong in Texas. And most importantly - YOU don't have to deal with any of these bills!

If every member donated just $10 per year, the CPA-PAC would be fully funded to support CPA-friendly candidates for every election cycle. And, remember, 75% of your contribution stays with your chapter's PAC fund balance for contributions to local legislative candidates.

Your friends on the board of the Houston Chapter are humbly asking for you to donate to your CPA-PAC. Please accept the $10 challenge by clicking here to donate. 

Thank you in advance for your support!