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TXCPA Houston's 2021-2022 Leadership Election

  • Published on Dec 16, 2020
  • by Mark Allen, CAE

Members To Vote On 2021-2022 Slate Of Leadership Candidates Starting December 18

Results Will Be Announced at the Annual Business Meeting on January 20

All TXCPA Houston members in good standing will have an opportunity to cast their votes for 2021-2022 Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Nominations Committee members with only a few mouse clicks. TXCPA Houston will accept electronic ballots between December 18, 2020, and January 19, 2021. Click on the link below to approve or reject the Nominations Committee’s recommendations for TXCPA Houston leadership positions.

Click Here to Vote on TXCPA Houston’s 2021-2022 Leadership Positions

TXCPA Houston members normally vote for leaders in person at its Annual Business Meeting. However, due to coronavirus, the 2021 Annual Business Meeting will be held virtually on January 20 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at which time election results will be announced. All ballots must be submitted prior to this meeting (by January 19) using the link above; no votes will be accepted during the Annual Business Meeting. Attendance is not required to vote. There is no cost to register for the Annual Business Meeting.

Click Here to Register for the Annual Business Meeting on January 20


President-elect (President in 2022-2023)
Charlotte Jungen 

Vice President (2021-2022)
Adam Dimmick 

Secretary (2021-2022)
Bradley Elgin 

Treasurer-elect (Treasurer in 2022-2023
Katherine Rodriguez 

Coordinating Directors (2021-2023)
Brian Alberts
Danielle Supkis Cheek
David Dyer
Wade Egmon
Harvin Lawhon
Geri Pacheco
Tami Ledbetter Preece
Sable Waters
Rubik Yeriazarian

Per TXCPA Houston’s Bylaws, Kelly Hunter will automatically serve as President, Tim Adler will serve as Treasurer, and Darrell Groves will serve as Immediate Past President in 2021-2022.


Brian Alberts
Sheila Enriquez
Mohan Kuruvilla
Kathy Ploch
Mike Spartalis

Per TXCPA Houston’s Bylaws, Darrell Groves will serve as the Nominations Committee Chair. Charlotte Jungen will be appointed to the committee upon her election as 2021-2022 President-elect.


Tim Adler
Billy Atkinson
Austin Carlson
Brad Elgin
Harvin Lawhon
Michelle Mullen
Lisa Paulk
Katherine Rodriguez
Tonja Rodriguez
Casey Stewart
Carol Warley
Barry Wilken
Rubik Yeriazarian

Per TXCPA’s Bylaws, Kelly Hunter will be appointed to the TXCPA Board of Directors as TXCPA’s President (2021-2022).

TXCPA Houston expresses its gratitude to Ramsey Womack for chairing this year’s Nominations Committee and to committee members Brian Baumler, Tom DeGeorgio, Kelly Hunter, and Michelle Mullen for their months-long work to identify and recommend qualified candidates who will bring valuable expertise to the Society.

Contact TXCPA Houston Executive Director Mark Allen for more information about the slate of candidates, electronic ballots, or the Annual Business Meeting.