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Hodgson Russ Summer Webinar Series - June/July 2021

  • Published on Jun 1, 2021
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Russ Series - SQ

Join your favorite attorneys from Hodgson Russ LLP every Wednesday for a seven week webinar series to discuss the most important New York State tax issues of 2021 in light of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Hodgson Russ’s experienced tax attorneys will provide insight into some of the most critical tax issues today: the tax impact of COVID-19; state and federal responses to the crisis; business tax updates; New York State law changes; and residency hot topics.

Residency Part I: New York Issues (2 CPE hours)

June 2 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

The NYS Department of Taxation and Finance has the most advanced and aggressive residency audit program in the nation. New York auditors will continue to be on the hunt for revenue in audits of nonresidents. With the Coronavirus pandemic, tax increases and other considerations, many New Yorkers have reexamined their tax residency. Learn about New York’s residency rules, what it takes to change your residency, new considerations in COVID-era moves, and what happens in a New York State residency audit.  

Residency Part II: A Multistate (and Multinational) Perspective (2 CPE hours)

June 9 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

Many people have reconsidered their residency as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. With telecommuting as the new normal, individuals are fleeing high-tax jurisdictions across the United States for no-tax or low-tax states. Others are using the opportunity to move to non-U.S. jurisdictions. This webinar will compare residency rules in various states, and what is required to change your residency when moving within the U.S. and to a non-U.S. jurisdiction.  

Sales Tax Update: Digital Products and Services (2 CPE hours)

June 16 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

Much has changed over the past three years with respect to sales and use tax compliance. This webinar will review the impact the Wayfair decision has had on sales and use tax compliance, with a particular focus on businesses selling digital goods and services (SaaS, IaaS, information services, IT services, etc.). We will provide a review of recent case law, administrative rulings and enforcement initiatives in this area in New York State and elsewhere, and address how taxing authorities identify businesses to audit, as well as tips and traps in a sales tax audit.  

Nexus in the Post-Wayfair/Post-COVID World (2 CPE hours)

June 23 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

Doing business in multiple states raises some problematic issues for companies and employees. And now with employees working remotely across state lines due to the pandemic, the rules are even more complex and convoluted.  

State Taxation of Passthrough Entities and the Federal Deduction (2 CPE hours)

June 30 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

As a result of the SALT deduction limitation imposed as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a number of states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, and now New York, have enacted Passthrough Entity (PTE) taxes, joining a handful of other jurisdictions that impose tax on flow-through entities rather than their owners.  

New York City State and New York City Tax Update with an Update on New York Trusts and Estates (2 CPE hours)

July 7 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

New York State and New York City enacted numerous tax law changes and revenue-raising measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2021-2022 budget legislation. In this webinar, we will cover all of the recent changes across tax types in New York and their impact on individuals and businesses. The session will also summarize recent tax cases, rulings and administrative releases in New York State and City and the status of various tax incentive programs, as well as provide the latest New York developments in Trusts and Estates. 

Telecommuting and Beyond: Tax Issues for the Employer (2 CPE hours)

July 14 at 7:00 am PT - $80.00 | Register here

One year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are shifting to a permanent remote model for at least some of their employees. But allowing employees to work remotely from states in which they do not normally work can create a host of tax and employment issues for businesses. 

Total: 7 courses (14 CPE hours) | Total for the Bundle: $560.00

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