May June 2022

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Future Ready and Looking Ahead



By TXCPA President and CEO Jodi Ann Ray, CAE

TXCPA President and CEO Jodi Ann Ray, CAE

It has been an amazing year for TXCPA thanks to this community and despite the many challenges we have all endured in the last 24 months.

With the dedication of our volunteers, leaders, chapters and committed members, we are ending our 2021-2022 year with more members, more educational offerings and more progress towards the completion of our strategic plan.

Our cover story will share more about the goals we have reached and the objectives we checked off the list over the past 12 months. The progress we are making as an organization is positioning us to be future ready and even stronger while we serve our loyal membership base and attract future members to join us.

Looking ahead, we are excited to welcome new members through expanded membership categories, implement a statewide strategy focused on growing the CPA pipeline, energize and expand our educational offerings, and continue to ensure that the CPA license remains protected and attractive to those ready to enter this exciting profession.

Each of you has played an important role in taking TXCPA into the future. If you would like to find ways to be even more involved and engaged in TXCPA, please reach out so we can find the best fit for your time and talents. We are better because of the many members who choose to serve the Society and the profession.

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment! We look forward to doing more great things with you, and for you, in 2022-2023.

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