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Accelerating Our CPA Pipeline Initiatives



By TXCPA President and CEO Jodi Ann Ray, CAE

TXCPA President and CEO Jodi Ann Ray, CAE

As a CPA, you understand the wide range of new and unique challenges that accounting professionals have faced over the past several years. Attracting highly skilled talent remains a top concern as the demand for CPAs continues to remain strong. That’s why it’s more important than ever to grow the profession and expand the CPA pipeline. Our cover story on page 14 of this Today's CPA issue discusses some of the challenges facing the students and candidates considering a career in accounting and the employers eager to hire them.

Over the years, TXCPA, our 20 local chapters, our member volunteers, and Texas firms and companies have done significant work to provide student outreach and support promotion of accounting as a career, and specifically the CPA license. We’re excited to accelerate our efforts on initiatives that attract, inspire and engage the next generation of CPAs. TXCPA’s Pipeline Task Force developed a statewide strategy that will guide our work and help us measure the impact of our collective efforts.

The first year of implementation will focus on priorities that will help set a strong foundation of success. You can find the full statewide plan and first year priorities on the TXCPA website.


Filling the Accounting Profession Pipeline

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We know you are passionate about your profession and about welcoming new CPAs. We encourage you to reach out and become involved! To learn more, please contact us at or 800-428-0272.

Thank you for your commitment to building the CPA pipeline in Texas!

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