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Historic Opportunity: CPA-PAC Can Stand Out

  • Published on Aug 2, 2022
  • by By Carol Spencer

Fundraising is never easy, especially during a pandemic. Texas legislators will appreciate and remember the support of our CPA-PAC as all businesses and individuals recover. By supporting our PAC, we in turn can make an expression of support to those candidates who we expect to support issues important to Texas CPAs.

Recall that a contribution to the TXCPA PAC is an investment in your profession. Your local TXCPA Houston PAC Steering Committee is a non-partisan group that is tasked with raising funds and then allocating them to candidates that are pro-business and supportive of our profession.

We need your help. Houston, the largest chapter within the TXCPA is typically overshadowed when it comes to the percentage of participation of our members in the PAC versus other chapters. TXCPA recommends target goals for each chapter based on the membership number. While we are the largest chapter, only three percent of the total membership contributes to the CPA-PAC. If every member gave $6.00, we would meet our goal.

When the PAC supports legislators, they return our phone calls, they welcome our visits, they remember us, and they listen to us. It is through that access that TXCPA has had tremendous legislative success.

Success in recent years includes the renewal of the Texas Public Accountancy Act at the conclusion of the sunset review process, another session with no sales tax on our professional services, and in a previous session, the elimination of the $200 professional services “head tax”, essentially reducing your annual licensing fees by $200.

The steady support we provide to CPA friendly legislators is greatly appreciated by those elected officials, and certainly a lot more effective than large contributions only when we need something, which certainly is not the CPA way. Our profession is counting on us, as are our clients and employers.

Please help us by supporting the profession via the TXCPA CPA-PAC.

Click Here to Donate Online

You may mail your check, payable to TXCPA CPA-PAC, to:
14651 Dallas Parkway
Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75254-7408

This is article is published in the June/July 2022 Forum.  Read the full magazine here!