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  • Accounting Workforce staffing

    The Evolving Workforce and the Effect on Professional Services

    Job openings in many parts of the United States (including Texas) have been far exceeding unemployment. While potentially beneficial for those looking for work (assuming they have the skills), the shortages are presenting notable challenges.
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  • Back to Normal?

    The Texas Legislative session began with the Republicans firmly in control of state government again, but how will they handle an unprecedented budget surplus of $25-30 billion?
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  • Texas Law Uniform Probate Code

    Tell Me More, Tell Me More: Trustees’ Duties to Inform and Account in Texas

    Most lawyers in Texas understand that trustees have a duty to share certain trust information with trust beneficiaries. The duty to provide formal accountings is a distinct subpart of the duty to inform. This article addresses the trustee’s duty to both inform and account in Texas.
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  • Geopolitical Tensions Put Pressure on Auditors and Regulators as Companies Grapple with the Effects of Sanctions and National Sovereignty

    Companies and their auditors should not overlook global issues when considering the impact on the financial reporting obligations they undertake.
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  • Oil investments Today's CPA

    Investing Directly Into Oil and Some of the Tax Consequences

    CPE article: This case study provides information about investing directly into oil and the resulting tax consequences. The lead author made direct investments in four types of oil and gas assets to receive tax information from his brokerage accounts.
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  • Outlook for 2023

    TXCPA is here to support you and connect you to the resources you need. We look forward to helping you achieve even more success in 2023!
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