• Intangible Asset Value

    What CPAs Need to Know About Fair Value Measurements

    CPA valuation analysts are often asked to develop and report on a fair value measurement (FVM) for financial accounting purposes. This article identifies the typical errors and omissions that CPAs should look for in any consideration of an FVM.
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  • Special Report: Accounting Firms - Unleashing Partners’ Full Potential Through Specialized Roles Will Also Increase Revenues

    Accounting firms are increasingly asked to provide new expertise to their clients in response to phenomena like global crises, volatile economic markets and new working norms. No single individual can contribute in all areas at a high level, but if the partner role were redesigned to allow for some degree of focus for each, the highest and best use for each partner can be unlocked.
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    Public practice
  • Section 280E

    Cannabis Business: Risks and Mitigating Actions for CPAs

    The U.S. cannabinoid market is projected to grow to $42.2 billion by 2026, which represents an 11% growth rate. Even with an impressive outlook for the industry, not many CPAs provide services to it. This article discusses the risks practitioners may face and what actions can be taken as they explore this industry.
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  • What’s Happening Around Texas: TXCPA Permian Basin’s 36th Annual Shrimp Boil

    In What’s Happening Around Texas, we give you highlights of events and activities happening around the state in the TXCPA chapters. On September 28, more than 120 local CPAs, students and guests attended TXCPA Permian Basin's 36th Annual Shrimp Boil.
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    TXCPA Permian Basin
  • Texas State Board of Public Accountancy

    TXCPA Advocacy Successes Continue

    During the 2023 legislative session, TXCPA successfully advocated for issues that were important in addressing the CPA pipeline. Our advocacy work was instrumental in helping students and candidates be in a good position to become licensed CPAs.
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  • Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies Growing More Popular But Present Unique Accounting Issues

    The use of special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) has increased exponentially over the past few years. They allow investors to take companies public without the costs and delays associated with traditional IPOs. Since 2020, more than half of U.S. IPOs have utilized the SPAC structure.
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    Warrant Accounting
  • Today's CPA

    A New and Improved Today’s CPA Experience

    Welcome to the November/December issue of Today’s CPA! Our Rising Stars on the cover aren’t the only thing that makes this issue shine. In this issue and those to come, you’ll find new features highlighting those in our community, like Happenings From Around Texas, as well as updates to our traditional content that highlight key details in articles and provide options to find more online.
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September/October 2023

Tim Pike, CPA

Jodi Ann Ray, CAE, CCE, IOM

Melinda Bentley, CAE

Jennifer Johnson, CPA


Jarrod Fitch, MBA, CTSM


DeLynn Deakins

Don Carpenter, MSAcc/CPA

Wayne Hardin

DeLynn Deakins
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Melissa Frazier, CPA-Houston;
Rhonda Fronk, CPA-Houston;
Aaron Harris, CPA-Dallas;
Baria Jaroudi, CPA-Houston;
Elle Kathryn Johnson, CPA-Houston;
Jennifer Johnson, CPA-Dallas;
Joseph Krupka, CPA-Dallas;
Lucas LaChance, CPA-Dallas, CIA;
Nicholas Larson, CPA-Fort Worth;
Anne-Marie Lelkes, CPA-Corpus Christi;
Bryan Morgan, Jr, CPA-Austin;
Stephanie Morgan, CPA-East Texas;
Kamala Raghavan, CPA-Houston;
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