• women in leadership

    Special Supplement - Women in Leadership

    Women have broken barriers and have become leaders in the accounting and finance profession. This special supplement details some of the challenges women face and provides advice on how to build an executive presence despite them.
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  • Improving Your Technology Stack

    Quickly expanding technology options don't make it easy to align devices and software in an efficient way that makes sense for your business. This article offers five approaches to help decision makers discover new cost-effective solutions in the market.
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    Colorful Technology Technology stack
  • Digital Currencies and Taxes taxable

    Virtual Currency and Taxes

    Though Congress and the IRS have tried to rein in and make taxpayers more accountable for trading in virtual currency, it is still an area where practitioners lack good guidance.
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  • Is Accounting a STEM Field? Why It Matters

    The idea that accounting should be considered STEM may initially be surprising but upon delving into the logic and the evolution of the field, there is solid justification for the classification.
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    SPAC Transactions: Risk of Goodwill Impairments Post de-SPAC

    Access to equity capital markets is critical for companies in the high-growth phase. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are publicly traded shell companies that provide a way for private companies to become public. This article focuses on an unintended consequence that post de-SPAC companies may encounter with goodwill.
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  • The 2023 Legislative Session – Back to Normal?

    Our advocacy efforts in the Texas Legislature are focused on the CPA pipeline. Proposed legislation would allow students and CPA candidates to begin taking the CPA Exam after completion of 120 hours, rather than needing to wait until finishing all 150 semester hours before testing.
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    capitolbldg priority legislation
  • Sheila Enriquez, JD, CPA-Houston, CFF, CVA | 2022-2023 TXCPA Chair Sheila Enriquez

    Chair's Message

    A special supplement focused on women in leadership is part of this issue of the magazine. Several successful female Texas CPAs share advice with other women who want to take leadership roles at their firms, businesses and in the profession.
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Sheila Enriquez, CPA

Jodi Ann Ray, CAE, CCE, IOM

Melinda Bentley, CAE

Baria Jaroudi, CPA

DeLynn Deakins

Brinn Serbanic, CPA, CFP®

Don Carpenter, MSAcc/CPA

Wayne Hardin

DeLynn Deakins
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