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Gamified Learning, Blockchain, and Hands-On Audit Efficiency Tools

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • by Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA

I’m excited to share with you that our chapter has introduced some unique collaborations and new learning methods that are getting great feedback! Learn more about these very different courses below.

Gamified Learning and Blockchain for Accountants

On September 9, we hosted a course called How Accountants Can Leverage Blockchain: A Hands-On Workshop for Blockchain Beginners. This course was a mix of traditional lectures, reinforced with gamified learning from TrueUp, an AICPA Startup Accelerator company, and highly interactive group exercises.

The overall Net Promoter score was 9.3 out of 10, and the comments speak for themselves:

  • “Enjoyed both speaker’s presentations. it was refreshing to gain insight into Blockchain by two guys that have passion and interest for the topic.”
  • “The interactive exercises are a good idea and enhance the ‘hands-on learning’ aspect.”
  • “I found the exercises assisted in application to visualize [how to use blockchain].”
  • Several of the attendees also mentioned wanting the course to be longer and that they would now want to also attend an “advanced” course.

The workshop closed with participants being able to see a live demonstration of how artificial intelligence audit software from MindBridge AI could be used to do risk scoring on accounts payable blockchain data to identify high-risk transactions and then do follow-up controls testing against blockchain endorsement policies.

We would like to see if there is enough interest to run this class again before the busy season. If you would be interested in taking this class, please email to sign up for our Blockchain interest list.

Audit Efficiency Workshop with Hands-On Exercises Using Leading Audit Tools

The next interactive and collaborative course that we have is on November 21. It is called Audit Efficiency Workshop: A Hands-on Introduction to Audit Automation Tools. For this workshop we are collaborating with Audimation (IDEA), MindBridge AI, Thompson Reuters (Inflo), and Wolters Kluwer (TeamMate Analytics) to bring these four great audit tools into the classroom—and into your hands!

This workshop will be a “flipped” workshop. Rather than mostly lecture and a few exercises, this workshop will be a little lecture and a LOT of hands-on exercises working with the audit tools. One of the challenges for firms is that they often just watch a demo of the tools but aren’t able to easily compare the tools. This workshop was designed to enable this comparison through experiential learning.

Attendees will be split into four groups, with each group working with a particular tool. Following a standard audit engagement process, we will be looking at how the tools do (or don’t) support each phase of an audit engagement. Attendees will be provided with the same datasets to run through the tool assigned to their group and they will work through how to use the tool and see what kind of output it provides. At the end of each exercise, groups will share their experience in working with the tools and compare the results.

If you plan to attend, you will definitely want to send at least four people—one to work with each of the tools to maximize your ability to figure out which tool is the best fit for your firm!

Our chapter is providing a special incentive to help you manage your budget. Every additional registration after the first will receive $50 off the regular price of the course. Groups of 6 or more are also eligible for a group discount. Register now!

Have ideas for other innovative courses?

If you have any ideas for other courses or topics that you think may be innovative or a great addition to our CPE offerings? Please email me and let’s discuss it! You can reach me at

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Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA is the Director of Innovation at TXCPA Houston. Donny has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting and Top 25 Thought Leaders in Public Accounting. He is responsible for facilitating innovation and changes to the chapter’s programs and operations.