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Wolters Kluwer Member Benefits for January 2021

  • Published on Jan 14, 2021
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Take advantage of Wolters Kluwer’s valuable industry-leading research and learning products and solutions at a discount rate here. Use these tools to expand your professional development, enhance your knowledge and increase your expertise on tax, accounting, financial and estate planning, audit topics and more.

Savings – The buying power of our association affords you special savings. In addition to local savings, you can also take advantage of savings from TXCPA.

2021 Federal Tax Key Facts and Figures Cards

Be prepared with the right tools this tax season. Don't miss your opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of the 2021 Federal Tax Key Facts and Figures card. This indispensable resource keeps all of the most commonly referenced rates, ratios and rules in one place, including:

  • Income Tax Tables
  • Education Incentives
  • Social Security
  • Deductions and Exemptions
  • IRA Contribution Limits
  • Plus more

Click here to request your copy.

Top Federal Tax Issues for 2021

CCH® CPELink's Top Federal Tax Issues for 2021 provides a concise exploration of new tax developments and issues that will impact this tax season and the important role they will play when developing effective tax strategies for 2021 and beyond, including topics such as:
  • The Rules on Entertainment, Meals and Snacks in Light of Changes by the TCJA 
  • Section 199A Qualified Business Income 
  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act and CARES Act 
  • COVID-19 Employment Tax Changes for Employers and the Self-Employed 
  • Tax Issues Involving Troubled Borrowers
  •  Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans
  •  Plus more

Be confident you are not missing out on advising clients about a hot, new tax opportunity; or you don’t get blindsided by a brewing controversy by downloading your complimentary copy of CCH CPELink’s Top Federal Tax Issues for 2021 course content PDF today.

Click here to request your copy.

Complimentary Access to CCH AnswerConnect

CCH AnswerConnect provides the most up-to-date guidance on the industry’s hottest topics. Explore more in-depth information and gain access to CCH AnswerConnect’s premium content and resources, including:

  • Expertly-authored answers on thousands of tax related topics
  • A full 360° view that provides access to related materials and links to primary sources
  • Interactive time-saving tools and practice aids

Click here for complimentary access today. 

For more information on Wolter Kluwer online classes and products, visit the Wolter Kluwer TXCPA Houston member benefits center

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