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Houston CPA PAC Special Year-end Contribution Offer

  • Published on Dec 1, 2021
  • by Steve Goodman, CPA, CFP®

When everyone else is hurrying to get in their year-end charitable deductions, CPAs have an opportunity to make a difference and support their profession with a non-deductible contribution to the CPA PAC.


In 2020 we all rose to the occasion and Houston met its goal of $43,364 in CPA PAC contributions. We were so successful that our goal was raised to $55,287. But unfortunately, there is bad news. Mid-way through November 2021 we are only at $21,460. While a change in the PAC measurement year to end in March will allow us an extra three months, or 15 months in total to hit the goal, we are only half-way towards what we accomplished in the twelve months of 2020. That is not to say that many folks haven’t already contributed. In-fact 189 members have made contributions, of which 143 were for $100 or more, some contributing $1,000.


Why is the CPA PAC so important? Funds are used to assist legislators who have been friendly to our profession and the business environment in which we operate. Given that 2022 is an election year, we need to start early and need greater participation in the CPA-PAC. When the PAC supports legislators, they return our phone calls, they welcome our visits, they remember us, and they listen to us. It is via that access that TXCPA has had tremendous legislative success.

The steady support we provide to CPA friendly legislators is greatly appreciated by those elected officials. Our profession is counting on us, as are our clients and employers.


Contribute between now and December 31st and your contributions will be matched by a local member up to a total of $5,000. Don’t leave this offer on the table. Take advantage of it now.

Click here to participate. After signing in, select a one-time contribution or set up a pledge to make annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly automatic contributions. Alternatively, checks are welcome too, simply mail them to the TXCPA.

Contributions from Houston members will be credited to our chapter, with 75% of the funds going towards local races. With your help, we hope to celebrate 2021 as a banner year for the CPA-PAC.