Student Auxiliary

TXCPA Houston Student Auxiliary

TXCPA Houston Student Auxiliary provides programming and activities for students in the Houston area who are interested in a career in accounting.

The Auxiliary programs cover a variety of topics and have included discussions on big data, soft skills, alternative career paths, cybersecurity careers in industry audit and tax. The programs are developed and moderated by fellow students from local universities. 


Three Opportunities to Build the Future!

  • Published on Jul 26, 2022
  • by By Carol Spencer

Support Local Education!

CPAs Helping Schools PreK-12 Grant Program benefits from the Ice Cream Social on August 11. Your $5 admission fee can help provide local schools:

  • Materials for their Robotics Program
  • Student dictionary that a third grader will use throughout their education
  • Mulch for their community garden
  • Library books
  • Uniform belt or shirt
  • Other educational materials


Ice Cream Social
August 11
4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Additional giving opportunities for your charitable support, and Blue Bell Ice Cream to build your scrumptious sundae!

Support your local CPA-PAC!

Your Houston CPA-PAC is four months into this year’s fundraising goal of $40,840. You can support by:

  • contributing to the program
  • joining the committee and seeing the process in action

The committee will review TXCPA CPA-PAC recommendations for contributions to local state legislators at the upcoming meeting.

Support Area Accounting Majors!

Your charitable contribution to the Houston TSCPA Foundation Accounting Scholarship program will provide financial benefit to future CPAs. Qualified and approved students may receive $2,500 for one semester and up to $5,000 if two semesters remain. 

For additional information, please contact Member Manager Carol Spencer at

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