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Chair's Message

Chair’s Message


By TXCPA Chair Sheila Enriquez, JD, CPA-Houston, CFF, CVA


Your March/April issue of Today’s CPA has arrived. Whether you’re reading the print copy or clicking through the digital version at, we are grateful that you’ve turned to TXCPA and Today’s CPA to stay informed and engaged.

Our cover story in this issue focuses on the changes coming to the CPA Exam next January. The new Exam and evolution of our profession impacts all of us as we seek new staff, encourage students to enter the CPA pipeline and ready ourselves for the imminent change in our profession.

Another feature you’ll find here is our special supplement on women in leadership. This is a brand-new supplement focused on shining the spotlight on the women in our profession who are rising into leadership roles and bringing others with them. Special thanks to all of our great women leaders in TXCPA and our chapters who are serving and leading by example.

Finally, be sure you take a moment to read the Capitol Interest article in this issue and Last Week in the Legislature in your weekly Viewpoint e-newsletter from TXCPA. Advocating for Texas CPAs is a pillar in our Strategic Plan and a core benefit that we provide to our members. This is important work that we do as a professional community to ensure the CPA license remains protected and valuable.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and more about the future of our profession!

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