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November 10, 2023

A New and Improved Today’s CPA Experience

Welcome to the November/December issue of Today’s CPA! Our Rising Stars on the cover aren’t the only thing that makes this issue shine. You may notice an updated layout and design, giving a publication that’s been around for more than 100 years a modern fresh look and feel.

In this issue and those to come, you’ll find new features highlighting those in our community, like Happenings From Around Texas, as well as updates to our traditional content that highlight key details in articles and provide options to find more online and direct you to more information on a topic that can be found in other TXCPA resources and programs.

The November/December issue is the best issue to launch a more modern Today’s CPA! We’re highlighting 30 amazing young CPA members in our cover story. I hope you enjoy reading about each of their accomplishments and take the time to recognize and celebrate those you know, while reaching out to connect with those you haven’t met yet. These Rising Stars are the future of our profession and the future of TXCPA, and we couldn’t be in better hands! Enjoy the enhancements and please drop us a note with feedback so we can continue to provide you with the content, updates and community connections that make your membership so valuable (email or

Thank you for your time and membership!

TXCPA Chair Tim Pike, CPA-Dallas, CFE