May 10, 2024

Delivering Value to Match Your Needs

By TXCPA's President and CEO Jodi Ann Ray, CAE

We’re ending another year of serving our amazing community of 28,000 members! Thank you for the trust you place in TXCPA year after year. 

To ensure we are responsive and nimble in the delivery of the services and benefits members value most, TXCPA conducts ongoing member research. Over the past year, when asked to rank the reasons members belong to TXCPA, they prioritize as follows: To protect their license; for education; to stay up to date on professional issues. 

These three core areas are where we consistently focus on delivering value and they are the foundation of our messages as we strive to grow our professional community.

In 2023-2024, TXCPA protected your license with advocacy on issues like supporting a delay in the implementation of Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) requirements and with responses to every professional standards exposure draft that was released. 

We also had a seat at the table over the last year for the national discussions around growing the CPA pipeline and helping members and their organizations manage the talent shortage and ensure the future of the profession. Trends and sentiments from Texas were shared with the National Pipeline Advisory Group for their work identifying possible solutions and opportunities. 

TXCPA’s education options for members continued to thrive in 2023-2024, with more than 15 conferences, free quarterly professional issues and Texas tax update webcasts, the continued offering of the free four-hour on-demand ethics course, the addition of timely content to the TXCPA Passport, and hundreds of technical and non-technical webcasts offered every day. 

As we receive updates on late breaking news, it is our first priority to communicate to members and help you stay up to date on professional issues. We post real-time updates on, as well as on our social media channels. Members receive regular email updates and useful content in Today’s CPA. And Chair Tim Pike visited with many of you personally as he delivered presentations in chapters across the state. 

Be sure to read the cover story in this Today’s CPA issue to learn more about how TXCPA connected, protected and advanced our members and the profes­sion over the past year. We look ahead to 2024-2025 with much anticipation for the great work we know we’ll accomplish with the support and commitment of our members and volunteers. 

Thank you for your membership! 

About the Author: Jodi Ann Ray is TXCPA's President and CEO.

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